13 Pretty Perfect Pool Party Outfit Ideas

Pool party outfit

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Looking for pool party outfit ideas? From Vegas to Miami, Ibiza to Mykonos, pool party season is here! This has many ladies questioning — what to wear for all the fabulous upcoming pool parties this Spring and Summer? Oh, and beach parties too!

Worry not Bombshell. In this roundup, you’ll find super chic and cute pool party outfit ideas to guide you on what to wear.   

You see, I’m originally from Jamaica and raised in Miami/Fort Lauderdale, Florida. So pool parties, beach parties, and day parties are second nature to me.

In Miami, we have pool parties year-round. In the Spring, Summer, and in the Fall and Winter months too. So as a self-professed bonafide beach babe, I like to think that I’ve all but perfected the formula for the perfect pool party outfit. 

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Yes, this is serious science people. Because to achieve the perfect pool party outfit, one has to get just the right mix of sexy, yet classy, beachy vibes. Achieving the ultimate pool party outfit without looking like you tried TOO hard.

Additionally, the perfect outfit to wear to a pool party depends on where in the world you are. I’ve been to pool parties in Miami, Vegas, Ibiza and Mykonos — and I can tell you each city has its own unique pool party style. 

Pool parties in Miami (with the exception of pool parties at the Fontainebleau Hotel) tend to be at small boutique style hotels like Hyde Beach at SLS or Delano. Depending on the time of year, the pool party vibe in Miami is sexy — but a little more leisurely than say Vegas.

In Vegas, the pool party vibe is more clubby. In what to wear to a vegas pool party, I mention how girls wear actual high heels to the pool parties in Vegas. And there are often super big DJs, like the ones you’d find only in the nightclubs in Miami. The pool parties in Vegas are truly events to see and be seen. 

I’d liken what to wear to the pool parties in Ibiza to the pool parties in Las Vegas. In Ibiza, the pool parties are massive productions.

I’d liken what to wear to the pool parties in Mykonos, to the pool parties to Miami. More leisurely chic.

Pool Party Outfit Ideas

If you’re looking for outfits to wear to a pool party in any other city, this guide is for you too.

With that said, here you will find a roundup of ideas and inspiration of sexy pool party outfits to style and profile this sunny season.  

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