19+ Unique OnlyFans Content Ideas For Beginners (That Aren’t Just Naked Selfies)

onlyfans content ideas

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Looking for OnlyFans content ideas for beginners to start your profile? Or maybe you’re a seasoned creator looking to shake things up a bit with some unique content ideas for OnlyFans. OnlyFans is something like a social media platform that allows users to share exclusive content with their followers in the form of photos, videos, and blogs.

While many users choose to use OnlyFans in a way that isn’t generally very creative, there are a number of other create content ideas that can be used to engage you, followers, on OnlyFans and build a following on the platform. Additionally, these are also great content ideas to promote your OnlyFans page, on for example, Youtube, Twitch, TikTok, and Instagram.

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OnlyFans Content Ideas For Beginners (And OnlyFans Veterans Alike)

In other words, things you can do on OnlyFans that don’t necessarily require you to get naked.

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These OnlyFans content ideas are fun, creative, and unique — additionally, these content ideas for OnlyFans can be made to be sexy and sensual if you so choose. Make these content ideas extra spicey by doing them in a bikini, lingerie, or in the nude if you so choose.

1) Sexy Try On Hauls

A creator doing this right:

OnlyFans Content Ideas

2) Yoga and stretching.

Truth be told, doing yoga and stretching the body can be very erotic in practice — even if it’s not meant to be. If you’re into yoga and stretching anyway, why not record your sessions for your admiring fans to enjoy too? Yoga pants are already super sexy or you can take things up a notch in a dress or much fewer clothes.

3) Exercise and workout videos.

Get those endorphins flowing and share your exercise routine with your followers. You can even turn it into a workout challenge and encourage them to join you. Want to add some heat? Do the exercises in lingerie or very sexy sports attire.

4) Cooking videos.

What’s sexier than a sexy human in the kitchen preparing a delicious meal? Share your favorite recipes and give cooking tips to your followers while you whip up some yummy dishes. Want to make it sultry? Cook in lingerie or an apron that leaves little to the imagination.

5) Vixen Dancing/Pole Dancing/Twerking/Strip Tease.

A creator doing this right:

OnlyFans Content Ideas

Why not give your followers a private dance or tease performance? This can be particularly fun for those with a background in dancing or the performing arts. Get creative with the costumes and setting to add some spice, and don’t forget the music

6) Guided meditation. 

Take your followers on a relaxing and sensual journey with guided meditation. You can even do this in lingerie or some comfortable yet sexy loungewear. Taking some time to relax and find inner peace can be incredibly sexy in itself, but add in guided meditation with a soft and soothing voice (yours!) and you’ll have followers feeling relaxed. 

7) Model/catwalk.

Show off your modeling skills (or simply just show off your *) by doing a little photo shoot or walking the imaginary runway in lingerie, swimwear, or other outfits that accentuate your best *.

8) DIY tutorials.

Another unique OnlyFans content idea is to share your creative skills with your followers by posting spicey DIY tutorials. Whether it’s a tutorial for making homemade bath bombs or fixing something around the house. And of course, make sure you demonstrate the tutorials in lingerie or something that shows off your assets.

9) Create art.

Show off your artistic skills by creating paintings, drawings, or even just doodles for your followers. Use your body as the canvas and make some unique and sexy body art for them to enjoy.

10) Share your favorite music playlists.

A creator doing this right is Bobby Nsenga on Youtube.

While he doesn’t have OnlyFans, I definitely think this concept can be interpreted for OnlyFans.

Music can be a huge turn-on for many people. Share your favorite playlists, whether they’re filled with sensual R&B songs or upbeat and sexy dance tracks. You can dress up in lingerie or a sexy outfit and dance along to your playlists for added sexiness. Bonus: You can hold live DJ sets.

11) Play an instrument.

If you have a talent for playing the piano, guitar, or any other instrument, share it with your fans. You can even do it in lingerie or a sexy outfit to add some extra sizzle to the performance.

12) Make your favorite cocktails and mocktails.

Share your favorite drink recipes with your followers, including tips and tricks for the perfect mix. Have fun with this creative OnlyFans content idea by dressing up in a bartender outfit or add some sizzle by mixing drinks in lingerie or a bikini.

13) Teach a language.

Bring the sexy teacher fantasy to life by teaching a foreign language or English on OnlyFans.  Share helpful tips and practice phrases with your followers while getting them hot and bothered with your sultry accent. Dress up as a sexy schoolgirl or seductive teacher to add an extra dose of heat.

14) Share Cosplay looks and videos.

Are you into dressing up as different characters? Share your latest cosplay looks with your followers and give them a behind-the-scenes look at how you put it all together. Want to add some spice? Do the cosplay in lingerie or sexy versions of the character you’re portraying.

15) Share quotes and daily affirmations.

A creator doing it right:

OnlyFans Content Ideas

Share some positive inspiration with your followers on a daily basis. Add some sexy photos to go along with each quote or affirmation to add spice to the content.

16) Share poetry or short stories you’ve written.

OnlyFans is not just about the physical body — it can also be a platform for sharing your creativity in the written word. Share some of your poetry or short stories with your fans, reading them aloud while adding a sensual twist to the delivery.

17) Host virtual gatherings or events (game nights, trivia, etc).

Interact with your followers by hosting virtual gatherings or events where they can participate and get to know each other. Make it extra fun by hosting themed game nights or sexy trivia surrounding topics like sex, relationships, and more.

18) Share travel experiences.

Take your followers on a virtual vacation with you as you share your experiences and recommendations from different places you’ve visited. Want to add some spice? Share videos or photos of yourself exploring in a bikini or lingerie.

19) Have a super-defined niche (for example foot content).

Many people have fetishes, and if you have sexy feet or enjoy sharing photos and videos of them, why not use OnlyFans as a platform to do so? You can focus on various angles and positions, different types of footwear or lack thereof, pedicures, toe sucking, foot worship — the options are endless.

20) Optimize your content creation game with these additional random content ideas for OnlyFans.

  • Post polls and interactive games.
  • Getting dressed and behind the scenes.
  • Take and charge for custom requests.
  • Sell physical merch.
  • Create a custom tip menu.
  • Switch up your location from home (Hotel, Airbnb, Beach, etc.)
  • Switch up location within the location (Shower, Bed, Pool, Balcony, etc.)
  • Use different props.
  • Switch up your outfits.
  • Try out costumes.
  • Try different poses.
  • Try holiday-themed content.
  • Do TikTok trends.
  • Use creative captions.
  • Use inspiring captions.

OnlyFans Content Mediums

Now that you have some create OnlyFans content ideas, here are some top types of content you can post, promote, and sell your content on OnlyFans.


Video is by far the most popular and engaging type of content on OnlyFans. It’s a great way to connect with your fans and give them a glimpse into your personal life. Whether you’re shooting a dance video or a lingerie try-on haul, make sure to put your own unique spin on them to keep your fans interested.

Photos & Photo sets.

Along with videos, photos are another main type of content on OnlyFans. Consider creating themed photo sets to offer your fans a more cohesive and complete package. Mood boards, outfits of the day, lingerie or bikini shots, fetish or BDSM imagery – the options are endless! Just make sure to abide by OnlyFans’ community guidelines when it comes to nudity and explicit content.

Voice messages.

This underrated content medium is a great way to connect with your fans on a more personal level. Consider recording sexy or flirtatious voicemails, or even just sharing updates about your life or upcoming content.

*Live streams.

Interact with your fans in real-time through OnlyFans live streams. This could be anything from a Q&A session to a cooking demonstration to a strip tease performance. Just make sure to let your fans know ahead of time so they can be prepared to join in on the fun.

How To Share You OnlyFans Content Ideas

So you’ve created the content! Now here’s how you can share it with your fans!

Free Wall Posts + Tips

Consider sharing teaser photos or short clips on your OnlyFans profile’s Wall to tantalize and attract new subscribers. Alternatively, you can offer a free wall post with the full content for your fans who leave a tip on your post.

PPV Wall Posts + Tips

Similar to the above, you can also offer a Pay-Per-View wall post for fans who want exclusive access to your content. This can be a great way to make extra income on your profile.

PPV Messages + Tips

In addition to wall posts, you can also offer exclusive content through PPV messages. Offer a personalized video or photo set for fans who are willing to pay for it.

Free Stories + Tips

Utilize the Stories feature on your profile to share teaser content and entice new subscribers, or offer full stories for fans who leave a tip.

Live Streams

Schedule regular live streams where you interact and engage with your fans in real-time. This can be a fun way to connect with your audience and also allow them to.

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OnlyFans Content Ideas Takeaway

There are so many unique and creative OnlyFans content ideas out there (whether you want to get naked or not) – the sky is the limit! Be sure to keep things fresh and switch up your content regularly, considering different mediums and themes to keep your fans engaged. And, most importantly, have fun with it and let your personality shine through in everything you create! Happy posting!

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