31+ Chic Makeup Vanity Decor Ideas That’ll Elevate Your Bedroom Decor

makeup vanity ideas bedroom decor

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Want to create a glam corner or makeup station in your bedroom (or anywhere in your home) to get ready each day? Whether your prefered decor aesthetic is super feminine or boho-chic, nailing a stylish makeup vanity set up to store your beauty products and get glammed is essential for every woman.

From DIY makeup vanity ideas to ready-made options, if you’re looking for some vanity decoring ideas to help you discover how to decorate your bedroom makeup vanity, then look no further. Check out these fabulous makeup vanity decor ideas for bedroom, beauty room, glam room, or even bathroom space.

Why implement these make-up vanity ideas?

Makeup vanity tables or makeup vanity desks have been around since forever (well, for a very long time at least). Since ancient times ornate boxes have been crafted to hold a variety of beautifying essentials, including jars for cosmetics, flasks for rare perfumes, tools for applying makeup, and mirrors to make sure one’s eyebrows are on fleek.

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Traditionally, make-up was not a necessity in life. Makeup, perfumes, and exotic oils were instead a luxury enjoyed by nobility and royals for centuries.

Today, however, makeup has become a staple to many women (and men too) across the globe. And so you can bet your bottom dollar the makeup vanity isn’t going anywhere soon.

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Like clothes in a closet with no organization, your glam room (wherever you typically do your hair and make-up at home), can start to look and feel pretty messy if not carefully curated. Implementing these gorgeous makeup vanity decor ideas will ensure you have pretty space that’s easy to function in!

So let’s get into it, shall we? Here are makeup vanity ideas that will make you blush.

Opt for a boho art deco vanity set.

makeup vanity set

If you’re into a mix of vintage and unique, an art deco boho vanity set is the way to go. With its organic and curvaceous lines, art deco design meshes beautifully with boho style. A bamboo vanity like this is perfect for a stylish getting-ready space where you want to feel comfortable and at ease.

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Get glammed with wicker.

makeup table idea

Wicker furniture is often used in outdoor spaces, but it also looks beautiful indoors. This wicker table converted into a makeup vanity is the perfect balance of natural yet feminine beauty. You can also glam up this table by adding a glass top! Additionally, this pink velvet ottoman offers a beautiful contrast to the natural wood.

Add a boho-chic mirror.

boho bedroom makeup vanity

A natural wood frame is a perfect addition to a boho-chic makeup vanity set up. You can DIY this glam mirror or purchase it ready-made. This unique mirror design adds an artistic touch to this minimalist makeup station.

Add a cool lighting fixture.

makeup table idea

When creating a great makeup station setup, lighting is key! You should have a light source from above to illuminate your face while applying makeup. You can of course choose to go with a lighted vanity mirror or you can opt for an eye-catching light fixture affixed above the vanity mirror. This unique wall-mounted metal light adds just enough light and glamour to this boho vanity setup.

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Affix Hollywood vanity lights to create a lighted mirror effect.

If you can’t find the perfect vanity with a lighted mirror attached or stand-alone lighted vanity mirror to fit your style, create the same effect with these dimmable vanity lights that easily mount to the wall to create this fabulous DIY makeup vanity table idea.

Mount a floating style vanity desk.

With a floating vanity, you’re able to create a modern and stylish beauty space that doesn’t take up too much space. A floating vanity desk is an ideal option for small rooms and apartments since it doesn’t consume much floor space. This floating mirror with a simple yet glamorous design is perfect for a makeup vanity setup that’s minimalistic in style.

Opt for a glass vanity table.

A glass makeup vanity table with gold trim will give your glam room a classic look with a modern twist. A glass table matches any decor and is easy to clean. There are many inexpensive designs available at furniture stores or online retailers, such as Wayfair.com.

Add a mirrored vanity desk.

If you adore a more glamorous makeup station idea, then the mirrored vanity desk is the one for you! It’s possible to find these mirrored tables at any brick and mortar or online furniture store. Mirrored furniture will instantly up the glam factor in your makeup station. Add a geometric pendant light for an elegant touch to this vanity desk.

Use a black, white, and gray color scheme to make it modern.

If you’re into an avant-garde style makeup vanity decor, then black, white, and gray is your best bet. The combination of these three hues creates a modern and stylish ambiance and you can create an eccentric contrast with colorful accessories. Add luxury brand accessories like this Prada sign or Gucci shopping bags for a personalized touch.

Hang custom art that reflects you.

Make your make vanity room or space your own by hanging personalized art that reflects who you are. You can get custom-made artwork from sites like Etsy or DIY something cool. One make-up vanity idea for artwork is to hang a vision board your you create for yourself. Discover how to create a vision board from scratch here.

Add a vintage-style mirror.

Go for a vintage-style vanity mirror to add an elegant and feminine touch to your makeup station. This ornate mirror conveys that sophisticated glam style while the gold finish adds to the luxury factor of this vanity setup.

Prop a beveled floor-length mirror.

Propping a beveled floor-length mirror against the wall is a simple way to add a high-end flair to your makeup station. Additionally, a floor-length mirror is ideal when you want to get a full look at yourself when getting ready so you can be sure everything looks right before leaving the house.

Make it moody.

Who says glam room ideas or makeup vanity ideas have to be light and bright? Moodier hues like these berry colors are perfect for adding that luxe and romantic touch to your makeup station. Add a custom neon light sign with some favorite words to add some personality.

Warm your vanity space with an adjustable temperature light.


Daylight is great for applying makeup during the day. It provides the perfect lighting to see every detail of your face while you do your makeup. However, if you’re doing your makeup in the evening, an adjustable temperature light that emits reddish-orange hues mimics the sunsets fire glow for added warmth.

Make your makeup station portable.

If you’re a girl on the go or don’t have much make-up that you apply regularly, then you can opt to have a mobile vanity station like this one. Additionally, if your makeup vanity desk doubles as a work desk during the day, it’s easy to transform your space in a snap.

Keep everything white.

Sticking with a white monochrome color scheme in your makeup station is an easy way to create a chic look. A white monochrome color scheme is a makeup vanity idea that will make your space feel clean and fresh. White in a vanity space makes the room appear bigger and can open up the vanity corner of your bedroom, for example.

Add a multi-tiered vanity tray.

If you’re a girl that loves accessorizing, then you can show off your vanity tray as a statement piece in your room. This multi-tiered vanity tray is perfect for holding all those small bits and bobs from perfumes to lip balm with plenty of room to spare.

Round mirror for the win!

Want a makeup vanity idea that will add some luxury to your space? Round mirrors are perfect for adding that touch of modern sophistication to your vanity space. A round mirror with a gold frame is ideal when you want to add an edgy element to your makeup station decor.

Use a corner vanity desk.


If you’re looking to maximize your makeup station space, then a corner vanity desk is the perfect solution. A corner vanity station will allow you to do your makeup and have plenty of room for all those pretty cosmetics without taking up too much precious floor space.

Incorporate modern display shelving.


A modern display shelf is a great way to add storage space while also showing off your favorite books, perfumes, and pretty makeup pieces. Use a pretty display shelf with a white monochrome color scheme to create a clean and fresh look in your bathroom vanity room or bedroom vanity room.

Make your make-up vanity tabletop glass.


A glass tabletop works as a great surface to show off those pretty perfumes, lipsticks, and brushes while also adding that certain luxurious vibe to the space. This makes a glass tabletop an ideal makeup vanity idea if you want to create a streamlined makeup station.

Hang a pretty chandelier.


A pretty chandelier serves as a great focal point for a unique makeup vanity room. When choosing an overhead light fixture, opt for one with cascading crystals or beautiful fluffy feathers to create the ultimate pretty vanity centerpiece.

Up the drama.


Unique vanity decor details can really help up the drama and moodiness of your glam space. An eccentric piece of wall art paired with eccentric desktop vanity accessories make for a pretty cool space.


There are many different ways to create a unique and stylish makeup vanity area. By choosing the right pieces of furniture, decorative items, and lighting, you can easily create the perfect space for getting ready in the morning.

Whether you prefer a glamourous or rustic look, there are plenty of ideas to choose from that will fit your individual style. So get creative and have fun with it! And if you found these makeup vanity decor ideas helpful, share in the comments below!