Is Daily Sale Legit or Delivering Daily Scams? Here’s The Tea!

is daily sale legit

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There are many websites and online stores that offer amazing deals and discounts, but it can be hard to tell which ones are legit and which ones are scams. One such website that’s worth exploring is

Is Daily Sale legit? Or is this website offering big bargains just delivering daily scams? We did some digging to find out.

The thing about the internet these days is it can be tricky to determine whether an online store is a scam or not. There are many factors to consider, such as the website’s design, the deals offered, and customer reviews.

Daily Sale appears to be a legitimate site. It has a professional design and offers significant discounts on a variety of products. However, if you search for DailySale reviews there are some concerning customer complaints about the quality of the products and the customer service offered.

So here’s the deal…

What is Daily Sale?

Daily Sale is an e-commerce company based in Pompano Beach, Fla.

DailySale is a website that offers daily deals on a variety of products, ranging from clothing to home goods. The website is easy to navigate and the deals are clearly displayed.

How long has been in business?

Searching through the Better Bussiness Bureaus complaints, I was only able to go as far back as June 2019. However, A quick scan via will show that the website has been offering daily deals as far back as June 2012.

Who is the founder behind

Jay Hofstatter is the Founder and President at according to his Linkedin profile as of May 2022.

Colleague Emmanuel Mateo endorses Hofstatter as focused on streamlining his business processes to ensure he is able to provide his customers with a better and more personalized shopping experience.

“His vision is clear and effective in driving results. He is able to source the best products at the lowest prices. I have and will continue to recommend anyone who is looking for great products and a better experience to”

Who is Jay Hofstatter?

In addition to being the Founder and President of, Jay Hofstatter is a husband and father of eight children. He is an orthodox Jew.

About Daily Sale

Daily Sale offers an extensive selection of items. At first glance, the website looks like a mash-up of Amazon and eBay, offering trending products including apparel, electronics, jewelry, traveling supplies, and more at discounted prices.

In the trending section of the website, you will find everything from a women’s 2-piece swimwear set at 44% off to a wall-mounted spice rack at a 37% discount. also has a clearance section where you may use the DailySale coupon code or discount code “clearance” at checkout for an additional 50% discount off all clearance items.

Using the navigation bar, narrow your search by collection, brand, or additional specific details. That way, you can get to what you’re looking for without having to rummage through their wide range of trending goods.

Why is Daily Sale so cheap?

DailySale works with suppliers to offer current trending products at low prices — presumably why the website is so cheap. Many times, you can find the same items being offered at DailySale for a fraction of the price than on other websites like Amazon.

Additionally, Daily Sale is also able to offer low prices by selling refurbished items like electronics.

Peruse the electronics category and you will find refurbished items such as RING cameras, laptops, and even Apple iPhones. Unlike some other refurbished electronics retailers such as BackMarket, Gazelle, or even Amazon Refurbished, although the prices are low, the inventory to choose from is too.

Daliy Sale Reviews

Another good way to vet if a website like DailySale is legit is by reading consumer rants, raves, and reviews.

Among the good things people are saying about DailySale on TrustPilot include “I was skeptical about this at 1st, I received exactly what I ordered in the right shipment time… Couldn’t have asked for anything better will definitely be telling everyone about this place!”

Out of nearly 50k reviews on the review site, 59% of them rate their experience with DailySale as excellent.

Among the not-so-good things people are saying about DailySale on TrustPilot is “I waited 3 weeks for the product. Still haven’t got it. I sent 3 emails with the order number and tracking number, but they never responded.”

Head over to the Better Business Bureau and you’ll find that there are hundreds of DailySale customers who aren’t thrilled with their experiences, the company always responds to the complaint and seemingly usually tries to rectify the situation.

DailySale Legit or DailySale Scam

So, is Daily Sale a scam or a legitimate website — that is the question.

Based on my research, I would say that DailySale is a legitimate website. Although there are some complaints about the company, it seems that they are mostly due to items being out of stock or taking longer than expected to arrive — which is bound to happen with any online retailer.

Considering that DailySale appears to be a smaller company in terms of scale when compared to giants like Amazon and eBay, it may not be fair to compare them. With that said, even with smaller-scale companies, consumers have a fair expectation of getting what they paid for and having a good customer service experience.


If you’re looking for amazing deals on a variety of products, is definitely worth checking out. Just be sure to read the reviews and descriptions carefully so you know what you’re getting yourself into. And, as always, buyer beware.

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Have you had any experience shopping on DailySale? We want to hear about it in the comments below!

  • Melissa says:

    I have to post this as this Dailysale site my Amazon is a SCAM! I ordered an item as described on their site and what I received is nothing even close to what was in the pic. It was thinner than a regular hoodie and I paid about $58.00 for it. When I tried to return it, they said theres a $18.00 handling fee. The jacket they sent me isin’t even worth $18.00! Is this how this site works knowing that the items they sent are worthless and by charging the handling fee, they are still making a profit? You better check this site out propertly before posting that they are a legit site which they are not! If my problem is not resolved, I will post it on all my social media, etc. IT IS A SCAM!!!

  • Jimmy says:

    I agree with the post from Melissa – DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS FRAUDULENT COMPANY!!!! I purchased an iphone ($148) with double protection plan ($45) and shipping protection ($17). The iphone kept rebooting every 3 minutes, spent 3 hours with Apple support to determine that it needed onsite repair. Asked for refund, decided to refund me $134 from my $210 purchase. They said the protection plan and shipping were not refundable, plus, they made me pay to ship their broken product back to them. They just started World War III.

  • Cherish says:

    I bought from them recently and the item had a key that wasn’t working so I tried to exchange it since I bought a warranty with it and they are saying they have to hold the entire amount of the item on my debit card until the old one is returned or you have to wait weeks for the item to get back to them then they will send another one which takes weeks even if you pay for faster shipping! I’ll never purchase from them again!

  • Will says:

    Poor customer service, they operate like a scam Mach

  • Alice says:

    Please take my advice and do NOT order anything through Daily Sale. I ordered a braclet as a birthday gift for a girlfriend. Two weeks later, tracking told me it was on the ground in my hometown, awaiting delivery. I never got it. I complained and asked for a refund. Daily Sale told me (via email) that it was too late to cancel the order, but that I could return the item to them for a refund. How can I return something I never received? Well, they apparently then issued a second order for the bracelet. After another two weeks, I finally received a delivery yesterday. But it was the wrong item. It was really cheap necklace — the kind you get unsolicited in the mail from non-profits hoping you’ll make a contribution. Long story short, I insisted then to speak with an actual human being. They responded (again via email) to say that is not a service they provide. Bottom line, i paid $33.37 well over a month ago for a bracelet that I never received.

  • Sam says:


    You’re a DailySale affiliate targeting the keyword “dailysale scam”. So many people are searching that phrase because it’s a scam.

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