Is Credit Glory Legit? My Credit Repair Experience And Honest Review

is credit glory legit

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After ruining my near-perfect credit with the accumulation of collections, charge-offs, and hard inquiries, it’s finally time for me to face the music. I want to buy a house and in order to help me qualify for a good home mortgage loan, I’ve decided to use Credit Glory to help me get my credit affairs in order.

But is Credit Glory legit? Is Credit Glory a reputable company, or is Credit Glory a scam? And does Credit Glory’s credit repair service really work to help get your credit into tip-top shape?

If you’re asking yourself any of these questions, then you’re in the right place. Because in this article, I’ll be sharing my own personal experience with Credit Glory and giving you an honest, unbiased review of their credit repair service.

I’d like to preface this by saying that I am not a financial professional, and this is not financial advice. Additionally, this post is not sponsored, although I have included a referral link if you decide to give Credit Glory a try.

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Truth be told, I’m just a girl with “bad credit” (for the time being), sharing my experience of fixing my credit and getting back on track financially. I hope you find my Credit Glory review helpful and insightful on perhaps your own credit repair journey.

If you have any insights on this topic, feel free to share them in the comments down below. Now, without further ado, let’s get started.

How I Screwed My Credit

For as long as I can remember, the importance of having good credit has been drilled into my head. And since I got my very first store credit card at 18, I’ve done my best to build and maintain good credit.

At one point, I had an enviable credit score of close to 800, and among the cards in my Prada purse were heavy hitters like American Express and Chase. Until fast forward 10 years, and it all went to shit…

Just before the Covid-19 Pandemic in 2020 (so I can’t use that as an excuse), I moved to New York City to fulfill my bucket list dream of being something like a gossip girl. At the time, I wasn’t making enough money to support the lifestyle I had created for myself.

It wasn’t long before I started to fall months behind on my credit card payments. Although I did try my best to make payment arrangements and settlement offers with the lenders; eventually, many of my accounts fell into collections.

Turning A New Page With Credit Glory

Today, I’m in a much better financial position than I was when I allowed my credit to go down the drain. Additionally, I’m ready to purchase a house and turn a new page in my financial life, but I don’t want my credit score and credit report to hinder me in any way.

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One of the seemingly best credit repair companies I’ve come across during my search has been Credit Glory. I’ve decided to give them a try and document my journey step by step for anyone that may be in the same position as me. So if you’re wondering if Credit Glory is legit, read on.

About Credit Glory Credit Repair Service

Credit Glory is a credit repair company that uses proprietary technology and a team of in-house financial professionals to help their clients improve their credit scores and reports. They do this by fixing inaccuracies that your credit report may have, including collections, charge-offs, inquiries, bankruptcies, and more.

For one monthly fee (plus a one-time setup fee), you get access to all of their credit repair services. This includes sending dispute letters on your behalf, working with the credit bureaus and your creditors to get negative items removed from your report, and monitoring your credit report for any changes.

Credit Glory boasts a 4.9/5 rating on Trustpilot with over 2,382 customer reviews and according to the company’s LinedIn profile, the Nevada based company was founded back in 2001. Their good reviews, number of years in business, and US-based team were all factors that led me to conclude Credit Glory was a legitimate company to work with.

I, however, want to see their work in action…

Getting Started With Credit Glory

To get started with Credit Glory, the entire sign-up and onboarding process was super easy and straightforward. Simply visit this sign-up page on their website, enter your basic information, and then wait for a representative to reach out within the hour.

You’ll be contacted by a customer service agent who goes over the basic things with you, such as how Credit Glory’s credit repair service works, pricing, what to expect, etc.

Once you decide you are ready to move forward, you’re then transferred to a credit specialist who will get you onboard, rocking, and rolling.

Overall I’m really impressed with Credit Glory’s turn key service. The credit specialist will collect everything that is needed right over the phone, and all contracts and authorization are made very easily via both text and email while on the phone.

Everything is done for you, and the process is really easy.

Month #1 — Credit Glory Experience

My first month with Credit Glory started the same day I enrolled for the service (today as I write this post). After signing up and providing the company with all of the necessary information and documentation, my credit specialist immediately got to work on my behalf.

Getting everything set up.

Part of Credit Glory’s onboarding process is getting you signed up with IdentityIQ. IdentityIq is a credit monitoring service that Credit Glory uses to help track your progress and keep an eye on your credit report.

The cost of IdentityIq is $19.99 in addition to Credit Glory’s $99 monthly fee, and you can not cancel until Credit Glory’s process is completed. During the entirety of the credit repair service, you get access to the IdentityIq portal so that you can monitor the progress independently along the way.

Verifying your information.

Your credit specialist will need to verify with you the items you wish to dispute on your credit report. For me, these were collections accounts. I also subsequently decided to opt for an additional Credit Glory service to dispute a couple of hard inquiries (this helps to weigh down your credit score) that I did not authorize.

Month 1 takeaway.

By the end of my onboarding call with Credit Glory, I had paid for the following.

  • $100 for the one-time setup fee.
  • $99 for the first monthly installment.
  • $1 for the first month of Identity IQ (renews at $19.99 after the first month).
  • $79 x 2 for two hard inquiry disputes.

Once this was all squared away, I was advised that the first dispute letters would be sent out within a matter of days. Additionally, the process can take up to 3 months usually, and they’ll be in touch with updates once everything had been finalized.

The credit specialist that helped me was phenomenal! Not only was he helpful in guiding me and answering all the questions I had, but he was also very friendly and personable. By the end of the call, I felt really good about my decision to work with Credit Glory and was excited to get the process started!

Updated August 5, 2022

Month 2 — Credit Glory Experience

Coming soon.

Month 3 — Credit Glory Experience

Coming soon.

Is Credit Glory Legit Takeaway

So far, my experience with Credit Glory has been really positive. If like me, you’re wondering if Credit Glory is legit, I’d say yes… so far. The sign-up and onboarding process was super easy, and I was really impressed with the level of customer service I received.

I’m excited to see how the process plays out over the next few months and will be sure to update this post with my progress! Stay tuned.

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