Worried About Money? 1 Simple Insight A Feminine Women Ought To Embrace

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I’m worried about money.

This isn’t uncommon. In fact, I often worry about money. How much money I have. How much money I don’t have. How much money I have coming. How much money I have going. How much money I wish I had. All the things I would do with that money. And all the things I wouldn’t have to worry about.

But all this worrying has lead me to question, why? Why worry about money? Not why as in what causes this worry. But why as in what’s the point of this worry? Or any worry for that matter.

Worrying doesn’t help anything. Worrying doesn’t change anything. Worrying doesn’t take away any future troubles. It does however steal today’s peace. 

With money worries in particular, I’ve concluded I worry about money so much because I don’t often enough value all the other invaluable currency I possess. Currency even more valuable than all the money in the world. My energy. My health. My freedom.

So the fact that money isn’t as plentiful as I’d like at this very moment. Eh, I reckon I’m still abundantly rich beyond measure. 

The next time you find yourself feeling worried about money, I challenge you to appreciate the currencies you do possess in abundance. Until next time, stay fabulous!

Quote About Money for Women

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Money Affirmations for Women

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She will not worry. She will be just fine. She will brave this new season one day at a time.

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