Are you a gold digger?

High-value women who desire to date up and marry a rich man often get a savage reputation.

Men and women alike will call her a gold digger, and joke that she’s heartless. All the while men don’t get the same double standard or called “beauty diggers” for wanting the most beautiful wife they can manage get.   

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But the funny dating jokes on them. Because savvy women who are strong in their dating convictions to date well, I believe are mostly unbothered by the opinions of sheep. Whether you’re a single woman, dating, or already some lucky man’s wifey, you’ll enjoy these sassy quotes if you can appreciate some cheeky humor by way of these funny dating jokes for women. 

Save these sassy quotes and funny dating quotes to your level up board if you have no interest in dating dusty men and make no apologies for it. 

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These funny quotes are for the high-value women who have no shame in striving high, and hell to anyone who doesn’t like it.

Sassy Quotes, Dating Quotes, Gold Digger Quotes, Funny Dating Quotes and Humor For Women

Life is too short to be with a stingy man.

savage gold digger quote for women

You can marry more money in five minutes, than you can make in a lifetime.

sassy hypergamy quote forwomen

Good girls go to heaven— bad girls go everywhere.

bad girl quote

I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but I am... implying it.

i aint saying im a gold digger quote

When I said you can’t buy my love, I meant with your salary.

dating quote for women savage

Quit calling women gold diggers when you don’t have any money.

hypergamy quote for women

I want a man who’s kind and understanding. Is that too much to ask of a millionaire?

high value high caliber woman quote

I don’t consider myself a gold digger. I prefer the term “wallet lightener.” I’m much too pretty to be doing any digging.

dating quote humor for women

I can’t wait to be a rich suburban divorcee.

funny dating quote for women

When you're at Sephora and your boyfriend asks: “Do you really need that?” Me AF: “...Do I really need you Joe?”

funny make up meme about dating

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