How To Be Confident and Not Give a Shit What Anybody Thinks About You

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Confidence Tips By Funny Woman Amy Schumer + Quotes

Confidence and not giving a shit is truly an art. And Amy Schumer is a woman who has how to be confident down to a science. Here are her 5 best tips for how it’s done. 💯

1. We’re all gonna die. 

Why is that comforting? Because if you’re worried about some dumb shit that doesn’t matter like “can they see my belly”, or “I don’t like how I look in that tagged photo”… Remember, you’re gonna die one day. Who cares. I find a lot of comfort in that.

2. Everyone’s a narcissist.

Everyone is just so narcissistic and obsessed with themselves, that they don’t even really have time to worry about you.

So maybe I’m feeling competitive. Then I remember, no one really cares about me, because they really only care about themselves. 

3. Know who the f**k you are. 

Something that really helps me not give a sh*t, at all, is that I know who I am. And my friends and my family know who I am. So if some stranger wants to create their own narrative about me in their heads, it’s really none of my business. 

4. Fake it. 

A great way to feel more confident, and less worried about what other people think about you, is to fake it. Fake your confidence. And fake how sure you are of yourself. And eventually, it will just start happening. 

5. Never leave the house.

The last tip is, um, interesting. And I’m honestly sure it’s said to be sarcastic. But I’ll leave you with it anyway. This one is specifically for introverts be more confident. 

Amy confesses she discovered late in life that she was an introvert. And things like… going to a wedding with a boyfriend, or going to a restaurant, or going anywhere, was really draining for her. So now, she leaves her house as little as possible. And she’s loving it. 

While I’m not for never leaving your house to be more confident, ever (LOL), there’s nothing wrong with spending time in your sacred sanctuary by your lonesome sometimes.

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