How to Look Polished and Put Together With 11 Ridiculously Easy Hacks

how to look polished

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Want to discover how to look polished and put together? If you’re anything like me, when you step out into the world, you always like to look your very best. Because there nothing more uncomfortable than feeling like a frumpy hot ass mess.

The truth is, attending high school in South Florida, I’d go to class most days with cut-off jean shorts and flip-flops. Likewise, many of my schoolmates flaunted ripped jeans and ill-fitting hot-topic t-shirts with pride.

But in many countries around the world, students attend school in meticulously pressed uniforms and are sent home if their shoes aren’t adequately polished. Looking presentable is a requirement just to attend school.

Admit it, we live in an extremely casual culture. It’s no wonder why we (I’m looking at you my fellow American) miss the mark on appearing polished and refined.

In a world of yoga pants (when you’re not even going to yoga) and slides with socks — mastering the skill of how to look polished and put together is an easy way to set yourself apart and above the crowd.

With just a few effortless tweaks, you can take your overall look from okay, to perfectly polished.

After studying and analyzing the elements of some pretty A1 women, I think I’ve cultivated a pretty solid formula for looking effortlessly put together and polished. Be it for a job interview, a date, or just in your everyday casual life — let’s get into some tips on how to look polished and put together, shall we?

1. Have well-groomed and controlled hair.

Beautiful classy woman smiling and eating lunch

Hair is one of the most significant elements of looking polished. Every woman should master at least one go-to updo that will really easily up the ante on refinement. Opting for a sleek controlled style is an easy way to look put together.

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2.  Use makeup to elevate your beauty.


When going for a polished look, keep your makeup simple. Your makeup should be understated and used only to enhance your natural beauty and features. Nothing looks more unpolished than a shiny face, be sure to always have oil blotting papers and lipstick for quick touch-ups throughout the day.

3. Stick to basic colors and avoid trendy fashions.


Opting for style vs fashion is a safe bet to look polished look. Avoid trendy items or colors, and stick with the basic colors and style of clothing.

4. Ensure garments are in tip-top condition.


Is it clean? Is it in good condition? Does it fit properly?

Go through your wardrobe and chuck out the rotten old baggy stuff, and anything that no longer fits or suits you. Makeover your wardrobe by cleaning it out, checking for any items that no longer fit or suit you, and throwing them away.

5. Get it tailored.


As a woman with “model proportions”, even I am often hard-pressed to find a garment that fits absolutely perfect. In fact, the idea of buying store-bought clothes and expecting them to fit perfectly is actually quite new. Historically, clothes were either made to fit at home or by professional seamstresses/tailors. Even up until the 1980’s women of my mother’s generation, for example, always had their clothes tailored to pit perfectly. Having a tailor is still quite common in much of the world, but for some reason considered a luxury in the states.

6. Be perfectly pressed.


“Wrinkled clothes are a clear sign to the world that you don’t really care about your look.” – How To Get Dressed, Alison Freer

Taking an extra few minutes to straighten out those wrinkles in just polite. I personally like to steam press my clothing. I find that it’s easier, faster, and quickly freshens and removes odors between wears. Lastly it less stress and direct heat on the fabric of your garments.

7. Wear the right underwear.


Friends don’t let friends wear panty lines. Some women like to champion visible panty lines as if they are no big deal… I just don’t get it. Panty lines are NOT ok people! And contrary to popular belief, you don’t have to go commando or have a string up your butt all day to avoid panty lines. Seamless panties or shapewear are great options to banish panty lines.

8. Tuck it in or add a belt.


In general, those who tuck their shirts hold down a reputation as those who “have their stuff together.” Former President Barrack Obama has even been photographed with his t-shirt tucked in his sweatpants. In a study by the fruit of the loom, men you tuck their shirts in at work were revelved to even make more money than their non-tucking counterparts.

While you can go for a full-on tuck, you can also go for one of these more casual tucks for nonchalant refinement.

9. Sport a closed-toe shoe.


A great shoe is a no-brainer, and as suggested above, make sure they’re in great condition.

We know your toes are pretty but put them away for a refined look. This is especially so for my warmer climate girls. Ditch the flip-flops, opt for a closed-toe ballet flat or classy heel instead. The same also generally go for sneakers.

10. Make sure they’re manicured.


The devil is in the details

Don’t be that girl sneakily tucking under your fingers in an effort to hide your unmaintained chipped, or chewed-up nails.

It may seem like a minute detail, but when surveyed, one of the first thing men notice on a woman are her hands and feet. What goes well with hands and feet? Nails of course! They don’t even need to be literally polished, just make sure you keep them well-manicured, clean, and shiny.

11. Practice posture and confidence.


According to a Study by Ohio State University,  practicing good posture for 30 minutes significantly decreases stress levels, and depression. while holding yourself in an upright posture results in greater confidence and lower stress levels.

A simple hack to correct bad posture… Imagine you are attached by a string from the of your head that is pulling you up. Ensure your spine is straight, your shoulders relaxed, and chin up. This has the benefit of making you look confident, hence more polished and also taller.

There are many ways to look polished and put together as a woman. One of the easiest is with a capsule wardrobe, which is exactly what it sounds like – an entire wardrobe that coordinates well and can be mixed-and-matched for different outfits.

The Capsule Wardrobe Planner Workbook includes everything you need to create your own custom capsule wardrobe. Get the Capsule Wardrobe Planner Workbook today and start feeling more confident about your clothing choices tomorrow.

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