19 Gorgeous Hairstyles for Thin Hair

90s half up half down hairstyle

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Choosing the perfect hairstyle to suit your personal style can be challenging when you have thin hair. Especially so considering that many of the most popular and trendy hairstyles appear to require super thick and voluminous hair.

So what’s a girl to do when you want to achieve fabulous hair with a thinner head of hair? Worry not woman, because truth be told, many women have thin hair. And you don’t need super thick hair to accomplish many lovely styles.

Here’s a round up of some quite camouflaging hairstyles for women with thin hair.

1. Shoulder Length Blunt Cut


No matter what hair type you have, long hair has the tendency to weigh the hair down. This is especially true for those whose hair fares on the thinner side. “Very long lengths will lack volume and that includes layered lengths as well. Making the hair and layers proportionate with each other and not too long overall is recommended. If you’re going for a shoulder-length look, opt for blunt ends, as this can make your hair appear thicker.

2. Sleek Bun


One good thing about having thing hair is that should you opt for a sleek bun, it will be alot eaier. Additionally a classy sleek bun elevates any look and makes every woman look super chic.

3. Finger Waves


Now this is a unique style, that again is actually made easier to accploish when you have thinner hair. So fret not. This stunning hair style is sure to turn heads wherever you go.

4. Choppy Pixie


Pixie cuts can make your thin hair appear thicker than it actually is. Try a cute pixie cut with choppy layers to add volume, and work in a light styling balm or paste to give your cut definition without weighing it down.

5. Ear Tucked Bob


While ladies with thicker hair may find it more cumbersome to pull off an ear-tucked style, thinner hair types won’t have to fuss with flattening out the extra hair that sticks out. Pair it with a short cut, like a bob, for volume.

6. Curled Under Ends

Instead of sticking to the basic straight look, consider opting for curled under ends. This deatail offers a subtle flare and something different from the age-old curl-away-from-your-face style.

7. Flipped Out Ends


This hairstyle has made a major comeback. And I don’t think it’s going anywhere anytime soon. Made popular in the ’60s and coming back in style in the ’90s, this retro ‘do make otherwise fine hair that falls limp appear thicker.

8. Angled Bob


An angled bob is best done on thinner hair textures, as thin hair typically shows off straight lines really well and emphasizes the cut’s beautiful geometry. Once that cut and shape have been achieved, the bob becomes very easy to style, maintain, and grow out with thinner textures.

9. Chin Grazing Bob


This chin-grazing bob is made to look thicker with the addition of some waves.

10. Curtain Bangs


While a basic middle part can sometimes make thin hair look flatter, curtain bangs can do quite the opposite. They’re also low-maintenance, only requiring trims every other month to maintain their face-framing length. Throw hair into an ultra-messy topknot to fake volume.

11. Beach Waves


Most ladies are able to achieve beach waves with a wand or iron. For those with thin hair, it’s especially important to use a heat protectant spray to shield your fragile locks from the unnecessary damage.

12. Half Up Half Down


The half-up half-down pony (when paired with bangs too), gives more body and life to otherwise flat hair. Wrap a strand of hair around the base of your ponytail for extra dimension.

13. Gorgeous Side Sweep


By teasing the roots and gathering the hair over to one side, you’re able to give her thin strands a bit more oomph.

14. Raised Buffant


A hair-raising bouffant makes a statement wherever it’s worn. For a little lift, try incorporating extensions. Be sure to create an adequate base—usually by teasing—to allow for your extensions to anchor into. Otherwise, your bouffant may collapse as soon as you start achieving height.

15. French Braids


A double-French braided updo is sure to be your new go-to: it’s playful yet formal, and effectively gets your hair out of your face without foregoing volume. The double French braids add a natural lift to the roots—we approve.

16. Messy Top Knot


Topknots are praised for their “I-woke-up-like-this” vibe, yet they still somehow always manage to look put together. For thin hair, Qureshi advises to “make sure that it’s not too far forward” and to go for a messier, disheveled look rather than a sleek one. “This will help that topknot look thicker and provide a sassy alternative to the usual.”

17. Face Framing Layers


Strands that lean super fine may want to steer clear from this style, as shorter layers may make already-fine texture appear flatter. For fine hair that holds a slight bit of natural volume, though, face-framing layers can be a standout look.

18. Super High Pony


No one has to know you’re sporting fine hair underneath this mile-high ponytail. The hairstyle naturally creates the illusion of lift while the strategic addition of a scrunchie gives more volume.

19. Super Low Pony


How low can you go? Go super low, and add some length and volume with a faux pony or clip in extentions.

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