9+ Oversized Boho Floor Mirrors For Snapping The Perfect Full-Length Aesthetic Selfies

boho floor mirror full length

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Looking for the perfect full-length boho floor mirror to bring your bohemian-inspired decor together? Whether decorating a bedroom, living room, or bathroom, oversized floor mirrors are a simple and affordable way to add character to a beautiful boho-chic space.

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Because large mirrors reflect lots of light, they can help make a room look brighter and bigger. In fact, a well-placed oversized mirror can also create the illusion of another window in a room, which can brighten up even the darkest corners. Additionally, the perfect boho floor mirror or boho full-length mirror is useful for checking your outfit before you leave the house or snapping that perfect aesthetic selfie.

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So before you go out and buy that expensive piece of furniture or art, consider adding a large boho mirror instead – it might be all you need to give your space a fresh new look.

I recently finished renovating my bedroom space and the decor aesthetic I’m going for is a mix of minimalist, sophisticated, cozy, and fabulous… I like to think of it as bohemian chic (I created a boho-chic bedroom decorating guide here). One of the decor pieces that I know will complete the space is a big beautiful boho floor mirror (a full-length boho mirror specifically). If you too are on the hunt for a beautiful full-length mirror for your boho chic bedroom, living room, or bathroom, you’re going to love these unique full-length mirrors I’ve rounded up below.

Boho Full Length Mirrors


Whether decorating a fabulous bedroom or cozy living room, a giant boho floor-length mirror is a great way to add some flair to a boho-chic space.

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Floor-length mirrors are great because they take up an entire wall and look fabulous no matter where you put them — they’re also very versatile and can be used to either brighten up a room or make the space appear bigger. Floor-length mirrors can also be used for styling purposes, allowing you to see your outfits from all angles before leaving the house.

Here are some of my fav full-length floor mirrors to perfectly suit a bohemian-inspired room, and fit every budget…

The Arched Floor Mirror

This arched full-length mirror features an arch-crowned silhouette and ultra-thin frame (in gold, black, or silver), that complements boho-chic home decor, and brings your room style and elegance. Love that the frame is almost seamless, it makes it look very high-end and modern. Also for a large arched boho mirror of this size, it’s very well priced compared to other retailers.

Handcrafted of warm rattan, this exclusive leaning boho floor mirror fills a room with natural beauty and boho charm. In an architectural, on-trend arch shape, it features wrapped details that add to its texture and dimension.

This unique beauty is amongst my favorite boho floor mirrors — an abstract leaning floor mirror with a curving shape that nestles into a pine wood sphere at the base. The oversized mirror opens up your space with a boldly minimal look.

The Vintage Floor Mirror

This full-length vintage mirror, which has a woodland-inspired figurine at the top, adds a vintage feel to your boho space. Additionally, standing at an astounding 84.25″ inches in height and 49″ inches in width, this gigantic elegant piece commends to be the focal point of any room.

This boho floor mirror features a lovely antique white rubbed finish and an ornate floral and drape motif. The mirror features a full perimeter of beveled glass.

This full-length mirror is with ornate gold molding is the perfect oversized vintage floor mirror to add sophistication to a boho-chic space. It’s a large balmer leaner full-length mirror that features traditional ornate molding that is perfect for leaning or wall hanging. FYI, a balmer leaner is a type of mirror that is attached to the wall at an angle. This type of mirror is typically used to help create the illusion of more space in a room.

The Square Floor Mirror

Because a mirror can never be too big, here’s another giant stunner if you’re looking for a huge boho mirror to add to your space. This elegant and simple full-length Neutypechic mirror provides all viewing angles in one. This mirror is perfect for a boho bedroom or living room space if you want a full-length mirror for try-on sessions, that’ll also make a statement in the room. It’s sleek, sturdy, and looks expensive.

This beveled boho floor mirror crafted from Fir veneer is perfectly at home in a living room, entryway, or bedroom. Fir veneer is a thin sheet of wood that is cut from the trunk or branches of a fir tree. It’s often used on furniture or other decorative items to make them look more ornate and expensive.

Want a unique full-length mirror for your boho-inspired room? Top your space with a glam touch that gives you the perfect view of every look with this curvy floor mirror. This boho mirror leans against the wall with a slim metal frame with wavy edges. Additionally, this custom furniture piece will be made to order just for you.

Boho Floor Mirrors Takeaway

A large floor-length boho floor mirror is the perfect way to add a touch of elegance and sophistication to your space while still keeping with the bohemian vibe. Whether you’re looking for a full-length mirror for your bedroom or living area, I hope one of these unique boho floor mirrors tickles your fancy and inspires your space.