21 Timeless Classic Style Fall Wardrobe Staples for Women That’ll Last a Lifetime in Your Wardrobe

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Alas, the Fall season is upon us. And just as thrilled as we were to whip out our short shorts and sundresses, it’s now time to pack them away. But fear not… “Summer, I’ ma let you finish, but Fall has some of the best fashion and style options for the entire year.” Period. Folks down in Miami and Southern California will never understand the joy that is dressing for the Autumn/Fall. And when it comes to getting Fall style right. It’s quite simple. One word, layers! But as with anything, before you rush out and start shopping, you’ve gotta make sure you cover your bases, with some basic Fall Style Essentials.

1. A Basic Cashmere Jumper/Knit Sweater

This is perhaps the most basic yet absolutely essential fall style essential. Mix a classic crewneck sweater with a great fitting pair of jeans or tuck it into a sleek high waisted leather skirt.  This fall style staple is simple, chic, and versatile. Cashmere will keep you warm, comfortable, feel fabulous on your skin.

2. A Chic Turtleneck Top

If there ever was one item you could wear to instantly make anyone look elegant and refined, it’s the turtle neck. There’s just something about the turtleneck that screams sophistication. For this reason, every woman should have at least a few turtlenecks in her fall wardrobe. Just as it’s crew neck cousin, the turtle neck is versatile for any occasion, and pairs excellently with trousers, jeans, skirts, even under (or over) dresses. Black is fundamental for any season, while ivory and red are lovely for the fall/autumn season. 

3. A Classic Button-Down Shirt

The classic white button-down top is a staple that every woman should have in her wardrobe all year round. For the Fall months, in particular, you can dress it up, dress it down, and layer it for added warmth. 

4. Cozy Undershirts

Long Sleeve undershirts are essential during the fall. Layer them for warmth, while they also serve to protect your knits so you don’t have to wash or dry clean them as often. 

5. A Versatile Long Sleeve/Fall Dress

One of the best things about summer, dresses of course. But autumn deserves some flirty dress fun too. Simply pack away the spaghetti straps and slip into a long-sleeved ensemble. Don’t be afraid to go short and sexy because combined with a smart pair of stockings or tights, a long-sleeved dress makes for a fabulous fall outfit. Opt for thicker fabrics and warm colors. 

6. Classically Sleek Trousers

Well-fitting trousers in a few varied styles are fundamental. Plaid trousers, however, are particularly oh so fall, and oh so groovy baby! Additionally, plaid trousers are another Fall Style essential item that seemingly never goes out of style. 

7. Groovy Wide Leg Trousers

Up the grooviness by opting for a plaid pattern wide-leg pant. 

8. Great Fitting Dark Wash Blue Jeans

Great fitting jeans are as fundamental to any woman’s wardrobe as a great pair of Spanx. But fall is the time to pack away the lighter washes and break out the medium to dark wash jeans. Be in stealth and skinny jeans, or fabulously flared, the most important thing is that they fit you impeccable.

9. A Leather/Heavy Fabric Mini Length Skirt

This is one trendy and very stylish fall essential that has never, and seemingly will never go out of style. The perfect mix of feminine and badass, a sexy leather skirt is an absolute must. Please, skip the pleather knock off and invest in a genuine leather skirt that will last you years to come. 

10. A Flirty Midi Length Skirt

It’s always in style to be feminine and flirty. What better way to accomplish this than with a flirty midi-length skirt. 

11. The Perfect Leather Ankle Boots

With a sexy pair of ankle boots, don’t you just feel like you can take over the world? The right pair of ankle boots for the fall can enable you to do just that. The perfect pair is super comfy, add just the perfect height with a chunky heel, and are finished in beautiful genuine leather or suede that you can dress up for the office, dinner date night,  or dress down for the weekend. Chelsea boots are especially versatile and a fundamental for your fall/autumn closet essentials. 

12. Riding Boots

13. Elegant Closed Toe High Heeled Pumps

For those days and nights, you need something just a bit more elegant to up the ante on your outfit. A beautiful park of closed toes pumps are perfectly dainty and will keep your toes nice warm. 

14. Functional Comfortable Low Heeled Pumps

For those days you feel a little more low key. 

15. A Light Overcoat, Jacket

16. Timeless Trench Coat

While a light coat will do just fine for most days, I just couldn’t bear to make a Fall/Autumn Style essentials without including a trenchcoat. Trench coats are just so cool. And for milder days, it just perfect to keep you protected from the elements while looking timelessly chic at the same time. 

17. Blazer/Leather Jacket

Perfect to wear for mild fall days, inside, or layer or wear with your light coat over top. You may also choose to go for a chic vest.

18. Many many many Scarves

“When I wear a silk scarf I never feel so definitely like a woman, a beautiful woman.” -Audrey Hepburn

Well said Audrey, well said. Scarfs are just everything. For all-season really, but especially Fall. Wearing a scarf for the novelty and not to keep you from freezing to death makes it just a little more fun. Fall is the perfect weather to wear beautiful silk or wool scarf for fashion, a little warmth, and to mix up and vary your fall outfits. A woman can truly never have enough scarves. 

19. A Sexy Pair of Control Stockings+Socks

20. A Structured Handbag

Pac away the unstructured relaxed summer bags and opt for something more structured for the fall/autumn season. 

21. Stylish Hat 

A stylish hat is an easy way to up the ante on any fall/autumn outfit. 

Tell us in the comments, what Fall wardrobe essentials can you not live without?


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