21 DIY Home Improvement Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home During Quarantine

gallery wall idea

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Whether we liked it or not, 2020 is the year we were all made to spend a lot more time at home. And when not in our homes, many of us have found ourselves waiting in line to get into the Home Depot (I know I’m not the only one) — purchasing supplies for yet another home improvement project.

Truth be told, being able to spend so much time at home has been a real blessing in disguise for me personally. As the world has slowed, it has forced me too to slow down.

With this slowed pace quarantine has bestowed on us all, I’ve personally found myself improving everything around the house. Projects I had not made the time before the quarantine.

Are you too on a home improvement splurge since quarantine? Finished up some projects and looking for something new around the house to improve? Here Are some ideas.

1. Do Some Painting

Via @my_homely_decor

2. Organize Some Chaos

Via @thatorganizedkitchen

3. Feng Shui Your Floor Plan

Via greatist.com

4. Create A Master Suite

dark and feminine bedroom decor
Via Pinterest

5. Finish The Basement

Via @sebringdesignbuild

6. Transform the Attic

Perhaps into a small home office.

Via @atticgroup

Or a cozy nook.

Via @atticgroup

7. Create A Sunroom

Via @kevinisbell

8. Make A Statement Wall

Via @campbell_house_

9. Change Up The Ceiling

Via inmyownstyle.com
Via nextluxury.com

10. Crown Some Molding

Via meganbellmade.com

11. Update Those Kitchen Cabinets

Via Pinterest

12. Create a Unique Backsplash

Via designertrapped.com

13. Makeover Your Bathroom Walls

Via @my_homely_decor

14. Restore Your Front Door

Via @stacy.levie

15. Beautify Your Backyard

Via @my_homely_decor

16. Create A Patio Oasis

Via @my_homely_decor

17. Landscape The Lawn

OMG. Talk about landscape goals!

Via @lovefordesigns

18. Wow With Window Boxes

Via @the_gardenqueen

19. Pimp Your Closet

Via @theviewfromtobaccoroad

20. Create A Gallery Wall

Via @my_homely_decor

21. Start A Little Garden

Perhaps on the side of your house.

Via @my_homely_decor

On A bookshelf.

Via @my_homely_decor

Or in the bathroom.

Via @my_homely_decor


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