CreativeLive Review 2020: Is Creator Pass Worth It?

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Interested in taking a cool online class to learn something new? Then CreativeLive, an online learning site boasting over 1500+ creative courses, may be the perfect platform for you. In this CreativeLive review, I’m spilling the tea on what you can expect inside, the very best classes to take, and is CreativeLive’s Creator Pass worth it.

Since launching in 2010, CreativeLive has grown to become a premier source for online learning — and for good reason. If you’re looking to learn a new skill such as photography, writing, or mastering your people skills, CreativeLive is the ultimate one-stop-shop.

But is CreativeLive worth the money? How does CreativeLive compare to other online learning platforms such as Masterclass, Skillshare, or Udemy?

What is CreativeLive?

CreativeLive is the go-to site for taking creative online classes with courses taught by 650+ industry-leading experts. It’s essentially an online marketplace for online courses.

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In addition to pre-recorded video lessons, CreativeLive also broadcasts live online classes that anyone (members and non-members alike) can enjoy for free.

What kinds of classes does CreativeLive offer? 

CreativeLive classes fall into five categories: photo and video, art and design, music and audio, craft and maker, or money and life. Ultimately, the classes are centered around making creativity a habit, be it for personal or professional use. 

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What are the best courses on CreativeLive? 

What the best classes are on CreativeLive, of course, is subjective. In this CreativeLive review, I’ll share with you the top classes on CreativeLive and share my personal favorite classes that I have taken.

When I started my journey to becoming a professional wedding photographer CreativeLive was integral in me learning everything I needed to learn to launch and grow my business. 

One of the first classes I took, in fact, was Wedding Photography Bootcamp by Jasmine Star on CreativeLive. If you’re interested in becoming a professional wedding photographer, I highly recommend it. 

Some of the other classes I’ve taken and enjoyed are as follows. 

What classes did I take before writing this CreativeLive Review?

Master Your People Skills

people skills online course for women creativelive

Cost: Normally $149 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Master your people skills could not be left out of this CreativeLive review. Learn how to inspire, influence, and engage people in this life-changing program with Vanessa Van Edwards.

Designing Your Life: How to Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life

creativelive review lifestyle design course

Cost: Normally $199 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Do you feel stuck and anxious about the future? Do you feel like you should know what you want to do with your life but you aren’t sure which direction to head? This course on CreativeLive may be perfect for you.

Exponential Living

personal development course for women

Cost: Normally $99 — Try CreativeLive for Free

Have you achieved a certain level of success, graduated from college and finally secured that dream job, yet you are not feeling fulfilled? This is one of the best online courses for women on CreativeLive.

Interested in seeing more of my favorite online classes? Check out these 21 fabulous online courses for women.

How does CreativeLive work? How much does it cost?

With CreativeLive, you can watch top classes, anytime, anywhere all at your own pace. They also provide quite a few ways to enjoy in terms of plans, cost and pricing. 

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The above pricing for the monthly Creator Pass is current as of the publishing of this CreativeLive review (May 2020). A CreativeLive coupon code is not necessary to receive this promotional pricing.

1. Free Live Streaming

Every day, CreativeLive broadcasts six curated classes from their catalog throughout the day for free (check it out here). These classes are streamed live, so you have to watch them in real-time, but they do repeat at the end of the broadcast on a loop for 24 hours, from 9AM – 9AM Pacific Time. 

These free streams are meant to be an opportunity for any prospective students to get free access to CreativeLive content while providing a preview of the full CreativeLive experience you get through individual purchase or the Creator Pass. 

Additionally, every class in the catalog has two pre-selected lessons for free viewing, always. 

2. Monthly CreativeLive Creator Pass

If you prefer to watch the online courses on your own time and not when they just so happen to be live streaming, CreativeLive also provides for a monthly pay option with Creator Pass.

With the Creator Pass, you can unlock their library of 1500+ online classes anytime you want. You also get a front-row seat to tune into exclusive conferences including Photo Week and Photoshop® Week, offline viewing from your iPhone or iPad, and a variety of other convenient perks.

After purchasing the Creator Pass you have a 7-Day period within which you can try the full pass out and request a refund if you are not satisfied.

Try CreativeLive for Free.

3. Annual Pass CreativeLive Creator Pass

If you’re not afraid to commit to learning for the year, the Creator Pass also has an annual payment option. Akin to the pricing model of similar online learning platform Masterclass, for example, who also offers an annual option that allows you full access to all the classes on the platform. 

Try CreativeLive for Free.

4. Purchase Classes Individually

If you don’t necessarily need access to the  thousands of classes available on CreativeLive, you can purchase the classes that interest you on an individual basis. The benefit of this option is that you won’t need to be tethered to a monthly subscription to maintain access to the course. You own the course for life. 

Whether this option works out to be more cost effective for you, really depends on how many classes you’d like to take. To give you an idea, the cost or price of the individual course on CreativeLive range between about $29-$189+.

CreativeLive vs Masterclass

An alternative for CreativeLive for high quality online lessons is Masterclass. While the caliber of the instructors on CreativeLive is very high, Masterclass features the very best top tier professionals in the fields. 

Masterclass boasts that their online courses are taught by “the world’s greatest” in fields such as music and entertainment, sports and games, business, and film. 

Masterclass features a cooking class taught by Gordan Ramsey, music production by Timbaland, even Tennis by Serena Williams. I mean, need I say more. 

Sign up for MasterClass All-Access Pass for only $180.

CreativeLive vs Skillshare 

Another great alternative to CreativeLive is the online learning platform skillshare. What makes skillshare different from CreativeLive and master class is that the instructors on skillshare are a bit more amateur.

 While skillshare features classes taught by professionals, they don’t necessarily carry the same clout or cash as the instructors on Creative life or masterclass. None the less you can really find some very interesting classes on skillshare on topics such as dog training, on writing, and in various other areas.

Try Skillshare And Get 2 Months Free!

CreativeLive review conclusion. Is CreativeLive worth it?

If you’re looking to take an interesting online course to learn something new or pick up a creative skill or two, CreativeLive is a fabulous learning platform.

Even at the regular pricing, if you value learning and value education, I certainly believe that CreativeLive is worth it. Additionally, the Creator Pass at its current pricing is a steal.

Whether you choose to make CreativeLive, Masterclass, or Skillshare your online learning platform of choice, I’m certain you will find the lessons you’ll find inside from world-class instructors invaluable.