7 Cheap Floor Length Mirrors That Will Elevate Any Space

cheap floor length mirrors

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I’ve recently been on the hunt for a chic oversized cheap floor length mirror or full-length mirror for my newly redecorated space. When I started on this search, however, I never would have imagined just how damn expensive standing mirrors are.

For my space specifically, I was looking for a standing mirror (or a “leaner” I could prop against the wall) with some very specific details to suit my preferences.

Featured image via @whitehome.nordica

The Mission: Find the best affordable full length floor mirror.

Firstly, I’m a tall girl at 5’10” in height so I wanted an oversized floor-length mirror that was very large in dimensions. My ideal full-body mirror needed to be larger than 70 inches in height and 30 inches in width.

Secondly, I wanted a mirror with gold hardware to match the details of my space, though I was willing to compromise and spray paint the frame gold if need be.

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Additionally, I absolutely adore the arched frame floor-length mirrors that are oh so chic and very popular right now. I was willing to compromise on this too if it meant sticking within an affordable budget.

Lastly of course was the price factor. I wanted a cheap full-length mirror that, well, wasn’t cheap in quality. An affordable floor-length mirror that looked expensive.

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If you, like me, are looking for an affordable or dare I say cheap full body mirror to elevate your space, look no further. I’ve literally searched high and low for the best floor mirrors that won’t break the bank.

1. Winner — The Overall Best Affordable Floor Length Mirror

affordable floor length mirror
Shop this mirror on Overstock.com
  • Size: 71 X 31
  • Price: $414

The beauty I ended up ultimately choosing was this modern arch full-length mirror I purchased from Overstock.com. This chic floor mirror features an arch-crowned silhouette and ultra-thin frame, complements all your home decor, and brings your room style and elegance. At 71 inches tall and 31 inches wide, I’m quite thrilled by its size.

affordable floor length mirror
Via Overstock.com

Though the mirror I choose wasn’t the cheapest floor-length mirror, it was a great value for the price. Also, because I was purchasing from Overstock.com for the first time, I was offered an additional 15% off my purchase by signing up for their newsletter.

I figure I’m going to be checking my reflection in this thing literally every single day, so why not spend just a couple hundred more than the alternatives and get the one that I really like and check all my boxes.

2. Runner Up — The Biggest Cheap Floor Length Mirror

cheap full length mirror
Shop this mirror on Ikea
  • Size: 78 X 31
  • Price: $149

Before purchasing the winning choice, I was oh so close to pushing buy on this cheap floor length mirror from Ikea. This Hovet mirror is the ultimate cheap floor mirror if you’re looking for an affordable oversized full-length mirror.

cheap full length mirror hovet

I love this super large full-body mirror because it’s absolutely gigantic in size at nearly 78 inches in height and 31 inches in width. Additionally, it’s dang cheap for a floor mirror of this size at just $149.

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Because of its enormous size, I was willing to sacrifice the arch shape. And as for the gold frame, there are quite a few videos on Youtube and Tik Tok of DIYers turning the frame gold. Certainly, with this mirror (or any on this list), you can turn the frame white or black or whatever color you desire.

3. Runner Up — The Cheapest Floor Length Mirror (That Looks Expensive)

cheap full length mirror target
Shop this mirror at Target
  • Size: 70 X 30
  • Price: $120

Another giant floor-length mirror I considered purchasing was this super-sized stunner from Target. Set in a wooden frame in a natural finish and showcasing curved accents at the top, this beauty is brimming with farmhouse-inspired flair.

At 70 inches in height and 30 inches in width, you won’t find another oversized floor-length mirror this affordable. At just $120, this is the cheapest full-body mirror I could find.

Made from solid FSC Pine Wood, you could certainly stain the frame to perfectly match your decor. If you fancy a floor mirror with a chic gold frame, an aged vintage gold spray paint like this or an elegant metallic accent paint like this will DIY the trick.

Some more large floor length mirrors (64+ inches tall) to consider.

4. Cheap wooden frame full body mirror.

cheap full length mirror target
Shop this mirror at Target
  • Size: 64 X 24
  • Price: $120

The Wood Floor Mirror from ThresholdTM by Studio McGee makes any space seem more inviting and roomy. This beautiful full-length floor mirror displays the perfect view of your clothing or simply your home’s interior. Set in a gorgeous wood frame with a natural finish, this rectangular floor mirror goes well with most décor styles and color palettes.

5. Affordable arched full length mirror.

budget friendly full length mirror
Shop this mirror at The Home Depot
  • Size: 65 X 22
  • Price: $172

The stylish arch design makes this cheap floor length mirror a visually impressive decor statement in an entryway, living room or in the bedroom. At 65 inches tall, this dress mirror is the perfect size to accommodate most people. It also comes with the option of gold, black, or white trim.

6. Cheap metal look floor length mirror.

cheap full body mirror
Shop this mirror on Amazon
  • Size: 65 X 22
  • Price: $129

Whether for getting ready each day before going out or preparing to attend special events, a full-length mirror/floor mirror is indispensable. Simple lines create a modern feeling in any space, while the option of gold details (also comes in white or black) gives a romantic touch.   

7. Affordable brass frame oversized floor mirror.

affordable full length floor mirror
Shop this mirror at West Elm
  • Size: 72 X 30
  • Price: $399

If you’re looking for a cheap full length mirror, West Elm may not be at the top of your list of shopping destinations, as their known for being a bit pricy. Don’t underestimate the power of a good sale or discount, however, as with this brass beauty here. If size and quality are your priority, the value for money you’ll get in this thin metal floor mirror with an antique brass finish is a dream.


Whether you’re looking for an affordable full-length mirror or a cheap floor-length mirror to display in your bedroom, entryway, or living room I hope you found this roundup helpful. Know of any other great places to snag a great full body mirror or other decor finds? Sharing is caring — drop down and spill the beans in the comments.