21+ Incredibly Stylish Caribbean Fashion and Lifestyle Influencers To Follow Right Now

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As a style, culture, and lifestyle connoisseur, I thoroughly enjoy being inspired by women from all over the world living their lives ever so fabulously. While the French girls have that “je n’ai c’est quoi” and the Italian women live “la bella figura”… we all know Caribbean girls run it — just ask bad gyal Bajan beauty Ri Ri.

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From the sweet soca rhythms of Trinidad and Tobago to the pristine white sand beaches of the Bahamas. Black women, White women, Indian women, Latina, afro Latina, all of the above, and everything in-between — as they say in Jamaica “out of many, one people”. Here’s a round-up of some of the baddest Caribbean bloggers and Caribbean influencers to follow on Instagram.

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What I love most about the influencers included in this round up is that whether they happen to frequent or reside in The United States, Canada or Europe, the vibrant boldness of their Caribbean roots is uniquely displayed in their fashion, style, and lifestyle. And we are so here for the West Indian flavor!

1. @franklyfrankiee

Caribbean Island: British Virgin Islands

2. @carolynyapp

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

The Miss Jamaica Universe 2009 is currently a hotelier and “tastemaker” residing with her family near Montego Bay, Jamaica.

3. @kerrymwh

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

Kerry-Ann Clarke is the owner of KERRY Man Woman Home, a Jamaican based boutique specializing in all things creative to wear and decorate your home, showcasing pieces from local and regional designers and artisans. She’s also the founder of the MoDA Collection which provides a platform for creative talent in the region via MoDA Runway.  

4. @caytostyle

Caribbean Island: Bahamas

Born in Kingston, Jamaica and now residing in The Bahamas. “What can I say? I got the best of both worlds!” I enjoy sharing with you, strangers and friends alike, to talk about fashion, events, life, and everything in between.

5. @donaleecurtis

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

6. @jenequep

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

7. @myrepeatoffender

Caribbean Island: Jamaica

“I’m all about enjoying life’s experiences while doing it fashionably of course!”

8. @findingpaola

Caribbean Island: Haiti

“Perfection is boring. Life is art. Beauty is everywhere.” Founder and Creative Director of @fanmdjanm

9. @rejeanx

Caribbean Island: Bahamas


Caribbean Island: Bahamas x South Florida

On Bahamianista, I help, educate and inspire urban millennial men and women on how to live and balance their best lives via Caribbean culture, travel, style, lifestyle and wellness. I’m originally from the Bahamas but I’m based in sunny South Florida and I tell my story via my personal life experiences via culture,

11. @caribbean_cowgirl

Caribbean Island: Jamaica x North Carolina

I’m a globetrotter at heart and I love bringing my readers along for the ride! I love to inspire and incite you to live your life out loud!

12. @barbiebrignoni

Caribbean Island: Puerto Rico

13. @jetsetsarah

Caribbean Island: Miami based

I’ma Miami-based Caribbean travel expert, award-winning travel journalist, TV host and self-described “Carivangelist,” who ventures to the beach and beyond to share the diverse culture, lifestyle and people of the world’s favorite warm-weather destination with brands such as Travel + Leisure, Condé Nast Traveler, Islands.com, the U.K’s Telegraph and Canada’s Globe and Mail newspapers.

14. @florkubana.style

Caribbean Island: Cuban based in Jamaica

15. @lifestylenliv

Caribbean Island: Cayman Islands

16. @madisonandersonberrios

Caribbean Island: Puerto Rico

17. @jehancancook

Caribbean Island: Guyana

My passion for all things food and the wonderful feedback from my readers keep me inspired.  If I’m not in the kitchen cooking I’m thinking about what to cook next. From time to time I will share bits and pieces of my life as well as memories of growing up in Guyana.

18. @nathashabonet

Caribbean Island: Puerto Rico

Nathasha, con una h después de la t. Mi papá lo quizo así porque quería que fuera diferente. Rincoeña, acuariana, libre como el viento, con más sueños que ropa. Desde pequeña utilicé las artes para expresarme.

19. @odaalamoda

Caribbean Island: Puerto Rico

Fashion & Skincare Aficionado

20. @theboldbudget

Caribbean Island: Puerto Rico

21. @toshalexander

Caribbean Island: Jamaica x South Florida

Songbird and entertainer.


Caribbean Island: Jamaica

More coming soon…

Don’t see a favorite Caribbean influencer or Caribbean blogger in the round-up? Sharing is caring. Drop a link to their blog or Instagram in the comments below!

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