9 Super Chic 90s Hairstyles That Are Making A Major Comeback: Flipped Hair, Sleek Hair

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Oh, the ’90s! Remember watching The Cosby Show and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air? And how many times did you play you a cassette tape of Aaliyahs Are You That Somebody on your walkman radio?

If you grew up in the ’90s (or not), there are so many nostalgic elements to reminisce and admire. One of those things, the hair. Lucky for us all, the chic and fun hairstyles of the ’90s are making a big comeback for 2020 and beyond.

Featured image by @angelicaaguzman

Here’s a round up of some of my favorite 90’s hairstyles. Enjoy!

1. The Flipped Up High Ponytail


The modern high ponytail is typically pretty basic — with no added thrills and frills. If you want to add a 90’s twist to this sleek hairstyle simply flip the ends of your tail up or flip them under. For added drama, consider using a faux pony hairpiece like this one on Amazon.

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2. The Flipped Up Half-Up / Half-Down

I remember rocking my hair in a half up half down hairstyle as far back as the elementary school in the late ’90s. This 90s hairstyle has definitely made a major comeback in recent years. The flipped ends are such a vibe. To make this hairstyle extra 90s consider adding some cornrows and butterfly clips like these on Amazon to the front.

3. Half-Up / Half-Down With Sleek Swoop Bang

half up half down hairstyle

Very similar to the afore featured half up and half down hairstyle. Add a little sauce with a super deep part and a sexy side swop. For a touch of elegance, make sure to wrap your hair around to hide the hair tie.

4. The Flipped Up Lob


Nothing says 90’s (60’s too) like a feathery hair flip and a sultry swoop bang. I’m totally here for this hairstyle to elevate take a regular ol hair day to va va voom!

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5. The Flipped Under Bob

90s bob flipped under

In addition to the flip up, the flip under is also very 90’s. I’m totally loving this bob cut with the ends flipped under. Very classy, pretty, and chic.

6. Double Top Knot Buns


What better than one top knot? Why, two top knots of course. This cute and easy to achieve hairstyle is so much fun.

7. Pretty Pig Tails With Baby Hair

90s hairstyle pigtails

Drop those buns and opt instead for these ultra-sleek pigtails for another 90’s hairstyle look. Add curled baby hair to your forehead — and you’re definitely oh so 90’s baby.

8. Braided Bantu Knots

bantu knots 90s hairstyle

When I was a little girl, my mother would always comb my hair into Chiney bumps (as she called them) to help stretch and make my hair more manageable. I’ve now come to know this throwback hairstyle as Bantu knots, and as for 90’s hairstyles, these are all the rage.

9. The Halle Pixie

halle berry haircut

You’d be hard-pressed to name an actress hotter than Halle Berry in the ’90s. Just imagine, when someone says “the Halle Berry hairstyle” and you know exactly what they mean? Now that’s not only 90’s but iconic!

Did you enjoy this round-up? Which one of these 90’s hairstyle will you be trying soon and where will you where it? Share in the comments! Oh, and dont forget to PIN your favorites 90’s hairstyles to your hair inspo board on Pinterest.