9 Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essential You Can Get On Amazon

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Suns out buns out baby — Summer is here! And if you’d like to spend your Summer pondering over the beach or the pool, rather than what the heck to wear, it’s time to curate your Summer capsule wardrobe-essentials.

Summer dresses and shady sunnies make summer all the more fabulous. And what’s more, is that you don’t have to spend a fortune to style and profile this Summer season. In fact, you only need just a few items to build a Summer capsule wardrobe essentials checklist.

If you’re wondering what in the world is a capsule wardrobe (or ten-item wardrobe)— I’m glad to catch you up to speed.

A capsule wardrobe is a small well thought out collection of clothes, carefully curated to fit one’s style, lifestyle, and seamlessly interchange with each other for versatility. 

A capsule wardrobe may have as many items or be as minimalist as you’d like. From a 10 item wardrobe to a 25 item wardrobe. A Summer capsule wardrobe or Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe provides that you are appropriately and comfortably outfitted for the season.

To learn more, check out how to create a capsule wardrobe from scratch or The Capsule Wardrobe Formula, an online video course that walks you through building your own classic interchangeable capsule wardrobe.

Summer Capsule Wardrobe Essentials List

Now if you’re ready to strap up your sandals and head somewhere sunny, here’s a checklist of nine Summer capsule wardrobe essential basics you need. The best part — you can get these Summer capsule wardrobe-essentials (without spending a fortune) on Amazon.

These Summer capsule wardrobe essentials are perfect for a travel holiday at home and abroad, for moms, for plus size ladies, and for women of all ages (over 40, over 50, over 60 — yes you too)!

1. The Flirty Summer Dress

The flirty printed Summer dress is a classic item every woman needs in her Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe. It’s easy, it’s fun, and dresses are just oh so classy.

2. The Basic White Tee

Basics such as camisoles and cotton t shirts are essential for casual summer days. The tricky part can be finding the perfect white tee to suit your style and wont shrivel up after one wash. I really like the style of this faux tuck crew neck basic Summer capsule wardrobe essential on Amazon.

3. The Midi Skirt

Midi skirts and maxi skirts are fabulous because they’re so easy breezy and you can really wear them all year long.

4. The Everything Bag

Leave your fancy designer handbag at home and opt instead for this casual yet chic straw carry all tote bag. It can easily hold your bikini, beach towel, and sunblock just in case you get lost at the pool.

5. The Hater Blocking Sunnies

So necessary. And don’t you just love a sassy cat eye pair? These sunnies (that you can find on Amazon) are a near perfect designer dupe of these Gucci sunglasses (for a fraction of the price).

6. The Shady Hat

With A beautiful straw hat could be cruising on a yacht on the French Riviera, sun bathing on a European beach (perhaps Croatia), or heck, sitting on your back porch sipping on a Corona. Either way you’ll be looking fabulously chic.

7. The Strappy Sandals

The comfy strappy sandal is another classic summer capsule wardrobe essential. Casual enough for the beach, yet versatile enough to transition to a classy summer night. Choose a summer sandal in a color that will easily coordinate with everything in your Spring/Summer capsule wardrobe.

8. The One Piece Swimsuit

Sexy one-piece swimsuits are giving the impy skimpy bikini a run for its money. That’s because no matter how scandalous the cutouts, how deep the plunging neckline, or how high thong backside — the sexy one-piece bathing suit maintains an air of classy feminine sophistication. 

9. The Button Down

Dress it up, dress it down — the button down shirt is a basic you absolutely need on your Summer capsule wardrobe essentials checklist.

Want to learn how to build a capsule wardrobe of your own from scratch? Be sure to check out The Capsule Wardrobe Formula on Skillshare. Using THIS LINK you will get 2 months of unlimited classes on Skillshare for free.

There you have it, ladies. The perfect checklist of your perfect Summer capsule wardrobe essentials and Summer capsule wardrobe basics. If you enjoyed this article, be sure to follow us on Pinterest for more style inspiration and all things capsule wardrobe.