23 Purple Hair Color Ideas: Highlights, Ombre, and Streaks

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If you are looking for daring new hair color, then one bold color you should consider is an edgy purple color. Whether you’re looking for a temporary switch up with something like this fabulous har color wax on Amazon or you’ll see a pro for a permanent change — these purple hair color ideas are sure to inspire.

From subtle lilac to dark plum and everything in between, this purple hair color round-up is all the inspiration you need.

1. Fade to gray.


Purple roots that fade to a lighter purple / gray. So pretty.

2. Purple highlights.


Dark or black colored hair looks so beautiful with purple highlights. It’s bold, yet not over the top.

3. Purple dread locs.


Dread loced hair is typically healthy as it hasn’t been processed straight. For that reason it makes sense that the hair would be more tolerant to color. Check with your hair colorist.

4. Blonde with purple roots.


This is such a pretty color. And the asymmetrical bob cut just makes this look so much more dynamic.

5. Fade to yellow.


I see purple, pink, and orange before a subtle fade to yellow. Very nice!

6. Pink and purple combo


Cant choose whether you want to color your hair pink or purple? You dont have to. Go with both!

7. Fade to yellow.


I could look at this beautiful hair color artistry all day. Additionally, her hair looks much healthier than before the coloring.

8. Fade to red.


Jessica did a really great job blending these very bold colors. The fact that the roots are the woman’s natural color will ensure she can wear this coloring for a good amount of time.

9. Pink and purple.


It can be difficult for black girls especially with processed hair to retain healthy hair with color. This look by @fanola however looks super lush and strong.

10. Blonde fade to pinkish purple.


Blondes have more fun (when their ends are pinkish-purple). I love how the stylist allowed purple coloring of the strands in the front to frame this woman’s face.

11. Blue fade to purple.


Now this is what I call bold color. This color styling will also allow growth from the roots to remain for some time.

12. Pastel purple.


This color, oh my. Oh so pretty. This pastel purple and pink is bold without taking away from her beautiful face.

13. Purple luminescent.


This coloring is definitely my favorite of this roundup. The hints of purple, pink, yellow, green, and blue give an almost luminescent appearance. Stunning!

15. Pinkish purple bob.


Color is always cute on a short bob look like this one. This color is a very pretty purplish pink.

16. Strawberry dirty purple.


This gives me strawberry dirty blonde vibes. Except its strawberry dirty blonde with a hint of purple.

17. Deep purple.


Long, thick ad healthy purple strands. Totally here for it!

18. Subtle purple.


This super long bob is everything, isn’t it? Beautiful job well done @lmariehairr.

19. Bright purple fade.


Lovely purple hair with a fade to a lighter purple, almost pink coloring.

20. Purple layers.


Whats better than beautiful purple hair color job? A beautiful purple hair color job with fabulous layers.

21. Deep dark luminescent.


Now this is a purple hair color job that is sure to turn heads.

22. Blueish purple bob.


Bluish purple locs on this long wavy bob.

23. Grayish purple.


Gray hail color has been trending for some time, and this color job by @savagedesign is an example of why. Very pretty and understated hair color.