Capsule Wardrobe Workbook


Have a closet full of clothes, and yet, nothing to wear? This capsule wardrobe workbook and planner will help you to curate a wardrobe that you love and perfectly suits your life.

An interchangeable capsule wardrobe is a small well thought out collection of clothes, carefully curated to fit one’s style, lifestyle, and seamlessly interchange with each other for versatility.

The ultimate capsule wardrobe is unique, and all your own. It displays your personal style, defined and refined, to establish one’s signature aesthetic. It doesn’t rely on fashion or trends, but instead on classic and timeless elements that will grow and evolve with a woman throughout her lifetime. It will take time, effort, patience, and commitment, and you’ll wonder why you hadn’t created one sooner.

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*This is a digital download PDF file that you may print from home.