27 Beautiful Passion Twists & Spring Twists Hairstyles To Obsess Over

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Passion twists are the latest trend in braided hairstyles for black women. And for good reason. Passion twists, or spring twists as some may call them, are absolutely gorgeous. Looking for a braided hairstyle or twisted hair style to wear as a protective style? Consider these totally stunning curly twists as an alternative to Senegalese twists or box braids.

Featured Image @nafessawilliams

Passion twists/spring twists are my new obsession for the upcoming season. And after seeing these beauties, I have a feeling that you too will fall in love. Here’s some beautiful twisted braided hair inspiration that sure to turn heads this Spring, Summer, Winter or Fall.

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Oh so pretty.

Passion twist braids are a way to celebrate your hair and the culture that comes with it. A protective style such as passion twists can be especially freeing for those who don’t want to deal with their natural texture or have straightened hair every day. There’s no one “right” way to wear braids, as there are many ways you can go about styling them.

The best thing is that braiding techniques like box braids and Senegalese twists last longer than other hairstyles! If you’ve been thinking about trying out some new styles, then now’s the time!


Make em full.

I love these soft passion twists with just a speck of golden brown highlights in the front. Although I personally am not a huge fan of baby hair, they look beautiful on her.

These passion twists also look very full and fluffy.


Just enough.

I love the look of less individual passion twist braids, as opposed to more. While it doesn’t look as full per se, I think having fewer braids looks a bit more elegant.


Gold jewels.

A must-have for any girl on the go, hair jewels are an easy way to add a little flair without having to do much. They’re great at adding color and personality to your look with minimal effort.

For those days where you don’t have time or energy to fuss with your hair, just throw in some of these gems and you’ll be good to go!


More jewels.

Here’s another example of how you can make any braid style uniquely your own by adding accessories. Adding gold jewels and beads is an easy way to add some personality to your passion twists. These hair accessories are also very inexpensive to buy from your local beauty supply store.

As I like to support small businesses… upon a quick search on Etsy I discovered these dreadlock clips by an Etsy shop owner named Dorra Design. “They are not clips, just open down the side and close around the hair – they can hold well. Very Easy and specially designed for dreadlocks.”


Easy breezy Summer style.

The summer is here and it’s time to switch up your hair game. Braids are a great way to change up your look without having to do too much work on yourself. They can be done in different styles, colors, lengths, and textures which make them perfect for the season!


Hello highlights.

Hair highlights are awesome! They can change your look and make you feel like a whole new person. There is so much to choose from, from subtle colors to full-on rainbow hair.

Most of the time it’s temporary and fades out over time but if you don’t want that then you can get them permanently done at a salon. You should try it because it’s really fun and there is no harm in trying something different for once!

woman with passion spring twist braided twists hairstyle for black women

Low effort protective styling.

If you are looking for a no-fuss hairstyle, then low-effort passion twists are perfect. The best thing about these is that they protect the hair from heat damage and breakage by having less manipulation on it.


Curly vibes.

Curly hair is a luxury that not everyone can afford. It requires time, effort, and money. But with a style like passion twist, you can fake curly hair while your style lasts.


Go blonde.

Some people might think that black women can’t wear blonde hair, but I’m here to tell you differently. Black women can and do rock blonde hair all the time.


Go extra long.

If you’ve been thinking about trying a new hairstyle, it’s time to try extra-long braids! Braids are great for women with busy lifestyles because they can be styled in so many different ways.

Not only will your hair look amazing, but this hairstyle is also low maintenance and easy to recreate.


Not too neat.

Passion twists are a great low-effort style, especially so because they don’t need to be perfectly neat. Check out this doll and her neat but not too needs style. I absolutely love it. And the baby hair definitely adds a unique flair.


Multi colored highlights are in!

Forget about your roots and go out for a change! Multi-colored highlights are in, so don’t be afraid to try them out. You can have just a few or you can do the whole head.

The best part is that they are easy to maintain since you only need to go back every 3-4 weeks for touch-ups.


Switch things UP.

Whether you choose to wear your hair in a low ponytail or high bun, braids will be your go-to look all summer long! And if you’re looking for some new updo styles, then these pictures have everything you need.

With so many great options to choose from, it’s hard to know where to start! I’m loving this half up half down style with highlight and jewels. Gorgeous!


High pony babe.

High ponytails are a great way to keep your hair out of the way. They offer a casual and playful solution for days when you don’t want your hair on display. The best part? You can do it yourself! All you need is a strong hair tie, or use one of your braids to wrap around to hold your hair up.


Get flirty.

Taking out just a couple of individual braids from the front adds such a cute touch of flirty and youthful vibes to any style. I love how @symphanisoto styled her half up half down passion twist style in this way.


Chucnky and soft.

Chunky and soft passion twist give such a coll and boho-chic look to this style. Add some jewels to make this style even more unique.


Flower power.

Have you seen the latest trend? Adding flowers to your passion twist style is so feminine and ethereal. It’s a great way to add a little something different to your style without making too big of a change. Some people are doing flowers, others are doing bows and ribbons. This is a simple tutorial on how to make one for yourself!


Shoulder length short.

Passion twist can look a really great option whether they’re extra long or shoulder length. I love the look of these small shoulder-length passion twists. Very pretty.

Hello hairline.

Ok, this is something that you don’t have too much control over. But how pretty are passion twists on a girl with a thick hairline? Yes! Absolutely beautiful.


Just stunning.

This stunning feature via @braidsgang is just everything and more. Such a passion twist/hair goals inspo. Again, I love how perfectly imperfect they look. My girl pictured here is rocking this look, honey!


Oh so versatile.

Braids are a versatile style that can be worn in different ways. They look great on both short and long hair, and you can change up the style with every day or night event!

Heavenly high bun.

The high bun is a hairstyle that can be worn to work, out on the town with friends, or for a night in with Netflix. It’s also an easy style to do yourself!


There you have it ladies — passion twists or spring twist braided hairstyle inspiration for protective styling. Inspired? Pin these hairstyles to your hair inspo board on Pinterest!