11 Incredibly Stylish Italian Fashion Bloggers to Follow on Instagram

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Italy and the stylish women who call this lovely place home are world-renowned for their bold style. A certain “la bella figura” as the Italians call it.

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La bella figura literally translates to “the beautiful figure. It specifically means to dress well to make a good impression. Wanting to look appealing is a common desire for Italians, an integral part of the culture we are immersed in as children. 

There’s a sense of mystery in the styles Italian girls personify, and it makes us want to copy their looks even more. Each girl’s style is so personal, meaning Italian fashion can’t be easily summed up.

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Need some fresh to inspire your personal style? Look no further than these fabulously stylish Italian fashion blogger you can follow right now on Instagram.

1. @gabriellecaunesil

2. @giovannaengelbert

3. @giorgiatordini

4. @giuliatordini

5. @aminamuaddi

6. @nicolettareggio

7. @adakokosar

8. @heir

9. @zagufashion

10. @veronicaferraro

11. @erika_boldrin

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