Steal My Super Foods Intermittent Fasting Meal Prep Plan For The Week

super food meal prep bowl

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For some time now, my boyfriend and I have been saying that we want to start eating healthier. The fact we’re both self-employed entrepreneurs (our daily agenda is ram-packed with business tasks) has made eating healthy especially challenging. Some days I even forget to eat all together.

That’s the excuse we’ve attributed this dilemma to at least. But lately, we both have been feeling pretty lethargic and have a general feeling that we’ve got to do better.

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In the past, what I’ve found to work well for my busy lifestyle is meal planning. In addition to planning meals for the entire week, also meal prepping for the week. Meaning the food is prepared one day in the week for the entire upcoming week.

In this guide, I’m going to walk you through how I will meal plan and meal prep healthy and nutritious meals for our busy week.

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Making a meal prep meal plan.

Via @rachelama_

Before I begin to meal prep for the week, it’s helpful to have an understanding of what I’d like our diet to consist of. Consider the following for your own meal plan/meal prep. What kinds of food would you like to include in your meal plan? What kinds of foods would you like to exclude?

Make it healthy. Make it meat-less (kinda).

super food meal prep bowl
Via @rachelama_

For years I’ve been wanting to try a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle. I however have yet to make any real commitment to a meatless lifestyle.

Additionally, I have followed to some extent the work of world-renowned natural healer Dr. Sebi. I believe in his work and would like to also incorporate this into my diet. Sebi diet, also called the Dr. Sebi alkaline diet, is a plant-based diet developed by the late Dr. Sebi. It’s claimed to rejuvenate your cells by eliminating toxic waste through alkalizing your blood.

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To make my meal prep a healthy one, I will create a meal plan inspired by a vegetarian or meat-less lifestyle (although, not 100% meatless as we are not yet committed vegetarians) and Dr. Sebi’s superfoods list.

I do not what so ever wish to be perceived as a nutrition expert or health guru. I’m just a girl with a blog wanting to make eating healthy on a daily basis easy.

If you can take some inspiration or tips from my own mash-up healthy meal planning (we’ll call it The Bombshell Meal Plan), fabulous!

Dr. Sebi’s superfood list.

A quick google image search returned this graphic of Dr. Sebi’s Alkaline food list. It looks pretty legit, so we’ll roll with it. Dr. Sebi’s alkaline food list also supports a vegetarian lifestyle.

dr sebi food list

As I mentioned before, we (my boyfriend and I) have not yet committed to a 100% vegan or vegetarian lifestyle (although perhaps this meal plan will kindle that journey). And so I will incorporate meat and eggs in just a few of the prepped meals day in moderation.

Additionally, I love white and brown rice. Not only do I love rice, as with many cultures, I’d guess at least 60% of the world (hello Asia, hello West Indies), rice has always been a staple part of my diet. At this time, rice is just not something I’m willing to give up. And plus apparently, according to traditional Chinese medicine, rice gives your body good energy.

Oh yes, there one more way I’d like to modify this mish-mash meal plan. Let’s go ahead and throw intermittent fasting into the mix, shall we?

Incorporating intermittent fasting in meal prep plan.

Intermittent fasting is an eating pattern that cycles between periods of fasting and eating. Some of the many benefits of intermittent fasting include anti-aging benefits and detoxification (weight loss too, although I’m personally not trying to lose weight).

So for all the meals prepped in this meal plan I will allow for a 5-6 hour window where I can eat. Between around 12 pm noon and 5-6 pm in the evening.

You can see a version of this intermittent fasting schedule below.

intermittent fasting schedule

When not in the hours permitted for eating, lots of water should be consumed — between 3-4 liters per day.

Meal #1: Break-fast Menu

Alright, boom! Now let’s get into this superfood meal prep, shall we? Here is the menu of break-fast items with the accompanying recipes.

  • Herbal Tea
  • Green Juice or Smoothie (Recipe #Coming Soon)
  • Fruit of Choice
  • Breakfast Power Bowl (Recipe #Coming Soon)
  • *Healthy Cheat Day Breakfast (Saturdays)

Meal #2: Dinner Menu

  • Sebi Power Bowl (Recipe #Coming Soon)
  • Fresh Cooked Veggies of Choice
  • *Various Chicken Recipes
  • *Various Fish Recipes

What to prep each Sunday for the upcoming week.

  • Cook chicken or fish for the week.
  • Cook grains for the week (including for bowls).
  • Prepped, portioned, and cut veggies for vegetable side dishes, Sebi Bowls, and Breakfast Power Bowls. (Veggies will be cooked fresh each day).

Sample Healthy Meal Prep Plan for The Week (w/ Intermittent Fasting Schedule).

chicken meal prep recipe


12 pm Break Fast: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

6 pm Dinner: Prepped Chicken/Fish + Lots of Fresh Veggies of Choice


12 pm Break Fast: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

6 pm Dinner: Prepped Chicken/Fish + Lots of Fresh Veggies of Choice


12 pm Break Fast / Lunch: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

6 pm Dinner: Sebi Bowl


12 pm Break Fast / Lunch: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

6 pm Dinner: Sebi Bowl


Break Fast / Lunch: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

Dinner: Sebi Bowl


Break Fast / Lunch: Cheat Day (Ex: Smoked Salmon Torte, Jamaican Breakfast)

Dinner: Eat Out for Dinner

Sunday “Cook Day”

Break Fast / Lunch: Tea + Fruit of Choice + Breakfast Power Bowl

Dinner: Prepped Chicken/Fish + Lots of Fresh Veggies of Choice

A final word.

There you have it folks. A full outline of everything we will eat in a week — a healthy meal prep plan that also just so happens to incorporate intermittent fasting.

What do you think of my mash up healthy meal prep meal plan for the week? Tell me down in the comments. What will you choose to include in your own meal prep meal plan?