Become An “Amazon Product Tester” — Everything You Need To Know!

how to become product tester for amazon

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Did you know that you can become an ‘Amazon product tester’ and make money reviewing stuff? Yes, that’s actually a thing.

This Amazon side hustle is often referred to by different names and there are a few different means by which to collect your coins. But the fact is that Amazon (yes, Amazon directly) will pay you to test and review products.

If an Amazon product tester job sounds interesting, and you want to learn how to become a product tester for Amazon — I got you!

I think it’s relevant to disclose that I’m sharing this from first-hand experience making money with Amazon — so I actually know what I’m talking about. Read on to discover how to review Amazon products for money.

Ways To Earn Reviewing Amazon Products

As I mentioned above, there are a couple of different ways to approach earning or getting paid to review Amazon products.

But first, to avoid any confusion, let’s clarify something straight away. The truth is that, to my knowledge, Amazon doesn’t have an official conventional job role for product testers that you can simply apply for. So one doesn’t technically become a product tester for Amazon — officially at least.

Nevertheless, you can independently pursue the role and make money reviewing items from Amazon. If it doesn’t now, this will make more sense as you continue to read on.

Let’s now dive into the ways to earn reviewing products on Amazon.

1. Get Free Products

If you’re the type of person to writes genuine helpful reviews often, you can score free stuff as a valued reviewer via the Amazon Vine program — Amazon’s program to combat fake reviews. This however is an invitation-only program.

If you’ve yet to receive a coveted invite for Amazon Vine, via 3rd party companies like Rebaid and Vipon, you can get free (or very discounted) items in exchange for unbiased reviews. Additionally, you can also request payment directly from third-party Amazon sellers in exchange for your hopefully positive review or for your “user-generated content” (also known as UGC) which the brands may use for promotion.

2. Earn Money

amazon influencer program

While free products are cool, I very unfortunately can’t pay my rent with them. So my preferred way to earn personally is with cash money honey.

One way to review Amazon products for money is through Amazon Associates or affiliate programs. This way requires you to regularly get a significant stream of people to buy on Amazon using your referral links.

As of 2023, Amazon has made it even easier to make money reviewing products. It’s not however what you may think of when you imagine an Amazon product tester job. The easiest way to make money as an Amazon product tester is as an Amazon Influencer.

Now before you roll your eyes and click off hear me out. If you do not have thousands of followers, don’t let the word “influencer” scare you away. Let me explain.

When you think Influencer you probably are thinking Instagram or YouTube, maybe even TikTok. But did you know that you can actually influence Amazon, with no followers required?! You can make money by “influencing” via Amazon’s Inspire tab and/or by creating product review videos for Amazon product listings!

Whether you wanna call yourself an Amazon Influencer, Amazon product reviewer, Amazon product tester, or whatever else, this program is the best way to make money reviewing products from Amazon or as an unofficial Amazon product tester. This is the method I’ll focus on in this guide.

How Much Can You Make as an Amazon Product Tester?

The amount you can earn as an Amazon product tester or Amazon Influencer depends on various factors.

With Amazon only recently pushing new social media type features like Inspire and live shopping, the program is still ripe with the opportunity to make some serious cash.

In addition to how much effort you put into making the most of this opportunity, some of the primary features that will determine how much money you can make reviewing products on Amazon (or once you become an Amazon product reviewer) are the item category and the payout percentage, the number of daily sales, and of course your ability to influence the sale with your review.

For example, in the Luxury Beauty niche, you can make upwards of a 10% commission per sale on items that typically range from $50-$100+. Daily sales for higher ticket items like these however are typically less than say a category like Home Improvement which has a commission rate of 3%.

Don’t let the seemingly small commission percentage fool you — millions of people shop on Amazon every single day and those numbers add up! Both can certainly be profitable, you should just consider which strategy is right for you.

Furthermore, Amazon has a policy about sharing earnings publically so many influencers don’t like to share exactly how much they are making with the program openly. Take it from me however, someone in the program actively making money as an “Amazon product tester” for several months now, it’s definitely worth it. If you work the program strategically, it’s no sweat to start making at least $1k+ per month in passive income from the program.

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Additionally, there’s absolutely an opportunity to crush that number as I’ve heard of Amazon influencers making as much as $10+ per month in passive income reviewing Amazon products.

With that said, since you’re buying things every day on Amazon every day anyway, I’d definitely say the program is worth it as a side gig and could even replace your income completely if you do it smartly.

Pros and Cons of Being an Amazon Product Tester

While there are many benefits to being an Amazon product tester, there are also some drawbacks that should be considered. Some pros and cons of the program include:


1. Easy to get approved: The cool thing about becoming an Amazon product tester is that its pretty easy to get approved.

2. Flexible schedule: Being an Amazon product tester is like having a part-time gig that’s super chill. You get to decide when you want to try out and review stuff. So, you’re the boss of your own review schedule.

3. Opportunity to make passive income: Imagine getting paid while you’re sleeping or binge-watching your favorite series. That’s the magic of passive income through product testing. Your honest opinions turn into cash over time, which is pretty awesome.


1. Need to buy items to review: The not-so-fun part is that you usually have to buy the products upfront. You might get some of it back or a discount, but it’s still money out of your pocket. So, make sure your wallet is ready.

2. Need space to store items: If you’re thinking of signing up for this gig, be prepared to find some room for all those products. Your closet might start to look like a mini Amazon warehouse, so make sure you’ve got space.

3. Need to sell items after review: After you’ve given your two cents on the products, you’ll often have to find new homes for them by selling them. It’s like running your mini e-commerce store, which can be fun but also adds to your to-do list.

3 Ways To Make Money Reviewing Products (On-Site)

There are a couple of approaches to getting free stuff or making money testing Amazon products. I listed each of them above, but in this guide, the focus has been the Amazon Influencer route.

The truth is there is no official “Amazon product tester job” that you can apply for — it’s more of an opportunity you create for yourself. And from personal experience, the Amazon Influencer program is absolutely the best way to go about it.

Furthermore, within this program, there are different ways to move as well. Here’s a breakdown of each.

1) Amazon Inspire

amazon inspire

Create shoppable videos and pictures within Amazon’s Inspire feature.

Inside the Amazon app, you’ll find Inspire — a dynamic feed filled with bite-sized, irresistible photos and videos based on your preferences and interests. Shoppers can scroll to discover exciting new products or get inspiration for their next purchase.

Here you can turn your creativity into cold, hard cash. Craft snappy, compelling clips for people casually browsing for enjoyment or hunting for inspiration for their next buy. As the product reviewer, you’ll earn for every referred sale!

2) Amazon Video Reviews

make money reviewing amazon products

Create video reviews for product listings.

Imagine that when potential customers are shopping, they’re often yearning for an in-depth look at what they’re about to buy. They want details like product quality, the perfect fit, the exact color, real-life appearance, functionality, and so much more.

This is precisely where you come in as an Amazon product tester. Here you can share buying guides, unbiased reviews, unboxings, and even comparisons. Create concise, yet comprehensive videos (think 1 to 2 minutes, give or take) that dissect products, sharing your honest opinions. These videos appear prominently above product reviews and help Amazon shoppers make a confident buying decision. You’ll earn a commission on every sale your video influences.

3) Amazon Live Streaming

become an amazon product tester

Amazon Live interface of Amazon Influencer Program.

Were you aware that Amazon has its very own live-streaming platform? It’s almost like a blending of social media and the QVC shopping network.

Amazon Live is all about content that keeps it real and informative. Think product deep-dives, nifty demonstrations (like unboxing and setup instructions), style advice that’ll elevate your fashion game, step-by-step tutorials, and a whole lot more. And again, you’ll make money for every sale your video influences.

What Are The Qualifications For Becoming A Product Tester on Amazon

By this point, it’s clear that there isn’t officially an Amazon product tester job you can apply for. Rather, being an Amazon product tester is an opportunity you create for yourself as an Amazon Influencer.

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As per Amazon’s requirements page, they’re open to applications from a diverse range of influencers. All you need is an active YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, or TikTok account, and you’re in the game.

How many followers do you need to snag a spot in Amazon’s Influencer program?

Well, there’s no strict follower count set in stone. However, it’s advisable to have a reasonable following, say, at least around 200 to 1k or so followers, to boost your odds of getting the green light.

To start raking in those on-site commissions, you’ll need to have three initial videos approved. And trust me when I say, it’s not at all difficult to get approved. Just ensure you’re well-versed in Amazon’s Influencer content guidelines and best practices.

Once you’ve sent in your trio of videos for the thumbs-up, expect to twiddle your thumbs for about a week before you receive the verdict.

Here’s a little secret: it’s not uncommon to face rejection, either initially or even for those first three videos. But hey, don’t let that ruffle your feathers. Brush it off, analyze what might’ve gone awry, and give it another shot. Many folks secure their spot in the Amazon Influencer program on their second or even third attempt.

8 Tips To Make the Most Out of Your Amazon Testing Experience

  • Opt for pricier items that promise generous commissions.
  • Be strategic in your purchases; choose products with resale potential on platforms like Facebook Marketplace and OfferUp to avoid accumulating unwanted inventory and recover your initial investment.
  • Conduct thorough market research to select items with a strong performance track record. Focus on products boasting favorable reviews and robust daily sales figures.
  • Regarding the previous tip, consider investing in product research tools that can help you identify which Amazon products that are worth your time and effort to test or review. I recommend JungleScout.
  • It may sound like a given, but prioritize item listings that prominently feature influencer videos in the top carousel. After all, you want your video reviews to catch the eye of potential shoppers.
  • Maintain consistency in your approach: continuously test strategies, conduct market research, make purchases, and produce reviews.
  • Craft videos that are at least one minute long, packed with valuable information that piques shoppers’ interest.
  • Think beyond Amazon; consider repurposing your videos on platforms like YouTube or TikTok to reel in off-site sales as well.

FAQs About Being an Amazon Product Tester

What is an Amazon product tester?

An Amazon product tester or Amazon Influencer is an individual who reviews and tests products available on Amazon and shares their experiences and opinions about these products in product review videos. Amazon product testers play a crucial role in helping shoppers make informed purchasing decisions by offering real-world feedback and recommendations.

How to become a product tester for Amazon? How do you get hired as a product tester?

Amazon doesn’t employ product testers as a traditional job role that you can apply for. However, becoming an Amazon product tester is an opportunity you can forge independently by participating in the Amazon Influencer program.

How do Amazon product testers make money?

Amazon product testers or Amazon Influencers can earn commissions based on the sales generated through their reviews.

Takeaway — Becoming An Amazon Product Tester

In conclusion, being an Amazon product tester, often referred to as an Amazon Influencer, offers a unique opportunity to earn money by reviewing and testing products available on Amazon. While it’s not an official job role that you can apply for, you can independently pursue this opportunity and generate income in various ways.

Ultimately, Amazon product testers make money by creating content, such as video reviews or shoppable videos, that provides valuable insights to potential shoppers and leads to product sales. This side gig can be financially rewarding and even replace your income with strategic efforts.

So, if you’re interested in sharing your honest opinions on Amazon products and potentially making money while doing so, becoming an Amazon product tester through the Influencer program could be the ideal path for you.