10 Hottest Patreon Girls Making Super Sexy Content You’ll Want To Pay For (2022)

sexy black girl in swimsuit

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OnlyFans isn’t the only place you’ll find hot girls making super sexy exclusive content behind a paywall. The hottest Patreon Babes are giving OnlyFans Girls a run for their money.

That’s right! When the racy content subscription service OnlyFans announced in 2021 that it would cease to host “sexually explicit” content on its platform, lots of content creators went running to Patreon as an alternative.

Additionally, with OnlyFans having a rather umm sketchy reputation, many content creators who don’t want to keep their reputation reputable would rather stay far far away.

From try-on haulers, twerk queens, and pole dancers, here are some of the hottest girls on Patreon making super sexy exclusive content you’ll want to pay for.

1. HelloBombshell

Now, I may be a little biased… but if I’m creating a round-up of the sexiest girls on Patreon, you better believe I’m putting myself at the top of the list 😉.

black girl on patreon

Seriously though, I just very recently started a Patreon account and I’m really enjoying the freedom a paywall allows for me to let loose and be my sexy self without judging eyes. If you appreciate black women and enjoy classy femininity, join my Patreon community now for super sexy content from moi.

2. Natbelleza

The blonde babe living in Miami, Natbelleza takes you around the world to experience different cultures, food, and the latest fashion. On her Patreon page, you will find exclusive behind-the-scenes try-on hauls.

 3. Loulabellee

This beautiful Youtuber with a very curvy shape and a big booty enjoys sharing her fashion finds and her adventures living her very best life. Her personality is chill and bubbly and her content features swimsuit try-on, lingerie try-ons, and the like.

4. Goddess Sunshine

Another hot black girl on Patreon to out if you’re into curvy women with natural bodies just being themselves and sharing their beauty. On her Patreon, you will get weekly fan-requested videos of try-on hauls, yoga workouts, and dancing tutorials.

5. Christina Khalil

ChristinaKhalil who has a very successful Youtube channel with nearly over 700, 000 subscribers creates fun and playful content on her private Patreon account. This gal is also into big bikes and fast cars which she features on her channels.

Sarah Houchens

Join this blonde on her journey of creating art and embracing all this life has to offer. On Sarahs Patreon, she shares her immense passion for fitness, art, modeling, and inspiring others to see how beautiful life can be.

6. Vanessa Pur

If you like stockings and pantyhose, leather, vinyl and leather outfits, boots, and nylon feet, you will appreciate Vanessa Pur. Her Patreon features very frequent exclusive and sexy updates and some special video clips from time to time.

7. Tina Louise

Tina Louise is for you if you love tattoed women. Tina Louise, is a part-time model, animal lover, and co-owner of an eco-friendly vegan restaurant in Los Angeles, California. 

8. Stefania Ferrario

With 3,370 Patreons, Stefania Ferrario is pulling in a whopping $14,221 a month with her Patreon. On her account, you will find different aspects of her life through the lens, including my more sensual sides.

9. Tara Babcock

A content creator who loves gaming, making everything sexier, talking philosophy and topics important to her including supporting free speech for all on YouTube, Twitch, and beyond!

10. Carlotta Champagne

Carlotta Champagne has TONS of photos and videos she’s saved throughout her career and every month she shares some of my favorites with all of you! The money she earns via Patreon goes to fund new camera equipment, travels, and the ability to create art to share with you. 


Creators who use Patreon generally find that it’s a great way to connect with their fans and cultivate a closer relationship with them. In exchange for pledging a certain amount of money each month, fans gain access to exclusive content including some very sexy stuff these hotties are creating.

Don’t forget, to join my Patreon community now for super sexy content from me!

Who are some of your favorite Patreon babes online? I’d love to know and maybe even update this round-up, tell us in the comments down below!