Home Office Ideas For Him: Create A Unique Workspace For Your Man

home office for him

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Looking for cool home office ideas for men? Perhaps you’ve got a small space you’d like as a designated workspace for him — maybe a spare bedroom you’d like to turn into a cool office man cave.

Here is a round-up of some cool home office ideas to make your boyfriend or husband’s workspace the ultimate men’s home office he’ll never want to leave.

My boyfriend and I recently turned his spare bedroom into an awesome home office for him.

Before our DIY man cave office transformation, the small space was nothing more than a compilation of stuff — a tiny table, miscellaneous office supplies, mismatched bookshelves, and a printer. 

When he chose the four-bedroom house with big bright sunny windows, surely it was his intention to make one of the extra bedrooms a work office. But he simply never got around to it.

Fast forward to him meeting a self-professed DIY decor queen and a Pinterest junkie — and together we created a unique workspace for him that he absolutely loves.

Essential Mancave Home Office Ideas for Him 

Ready to transform your own extra space? Here are some home office ideas for him to spark inspiration for your own man cave home office project. 

1. A Nice Desk

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Perhaps the most essential aspect of a man’s home office will likely be the office desk. The desk is where he will work on his computer, perhaps sit do some writing, and meet with clients and house guests. 

When choosing a desk, keep in mind that this will be the focal point of the room and where he’ll be spending most of his time in the home office. Choose a desk that is equally ascetically pleasing and functional as well. If storage space is scarce, consider a desk with lots of storage built-in.  

  • The Classic Home Office Desk 

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A simple and classic desk is a great home office idea for him. A simple desk may or may not have a single stationary drawer. This is the desk we like the most as not to overcrowd the space, additionally, we had plenty of storage in the DIY office closet that we built. 

After we considered heading to Home Depot and building a desk from scratch, we this beautiful secondhand mahogany desk on Facebook Marketplace for $70. It fit perfectly with the space.

Tip: If you have space, consider placing the desk off of the wall, with the back facing the wall. This furniture placement gives the room an open feel and is also good Fung Shui.

  • The Standing Home Office Desk 

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Did you know standing desks are linked to lowering the risk for heart disease, obesity, and back and neck pain, too? Having a standing desk is a great idea for someone who prefers to be on their feet rather than planted on the bum while they work.

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Alternatively, another home office idea for him is to turn a normal desk into a standing desk by adding a standing desk converter and have the best of both worlds. 

2. A Comfy Executive Chair

No home office space is complete without the quintessential boss executive chair. You’ll want to choose a sturdy and ergonomic chair that you can sit comfortably and work away at the desk your day (that also looks freaking cool).

3. A Personality Piece  

When you walk into your man’s home workspace, it should be a unique representation of him. Add some personality to a men’s home office space with the artwork, displayed knick-knacks, and perhaps the colors paint on the walls. Adding a cool area rug is another great way to add some flair and personality to a men’s home office space.

We hung an Iranian map and Persian rug to add some cultural relevance to the space. We also displayed some Harley Davidson and Wolverine memorabilia on the book shelves.

4. A Book Shelf

The home office is a perfect place to stare and display your favorite books. A solid bookshelf will beautifully display books that may spark inspiration as he toils away at his desk. Additionally, you can color coordinate the books for a cool creative touch.

5. Storage & Organization

Storage is an important consideration in any home office space. You’ll need a place to store and organize papers and small stationery goods such as pens and paperclips. Adequate storage in a home office space will help you keep the space clean and free of clutter.

6. A Home Office Print Station  

If printing is a regular task, setting up a proper printing station is a great home office idea for him. If you can help it, however, have the printer and printing station somewhere incognito.

We headed to home depot to pick up these DIY closet kit supplies and built a custom closet built specifically for a home office. This worked out quite perfectly this home office closet hides the things that he uses often for work, but hides away these things when not in use.

7. A Live Plant

A live plant is an easy way to beautify any space. Additionally, adding a live plant or fresh flowers is a great way to add some life to a home office.

8. A Vision Board

If you’re a believer in the power of visualization and the power of manifestation, creating a powerful DIY vision board (that actually works) is essential for your home office. Check out how to create a vision board to learn how you can create on without magazine or mess.

9. A Cool Rubbish Bin

This is a man cave home office for him after all. Add a little fun and a little extra manliness by adding a little challenge to the ordinary rubbish bin.

Bonus Home Office Ideas For Him

Creating a proper home office for the man (or woman) of the house (#comingsoon) is a nice touch to add to any home. Don’t be afraid to add some cool ideas that may be a little untraditional to make the space all his own.

Here are some more masculine touches to add to a man’s home office work space.

Get this doorway pull up bar on Amazon. Get this cool dartboard on Etsy.

What cool ideas will you include in your mans home office space? Drop your ideas in the comments below, and don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more ideas like these.