15 Couples Who Totally Nailed Their Halloween Costume Ideas

marylyn Monroe and joe dimaggio halloween costume

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Need some last-minute Halloween costume ideas for you and your beau? Here we’ve compiled a list of 15+ creative Halloween costume ideas for couples.

While getting dressed up solo for a Halloween night is fun, it’s always twice as nice if you can come up with a fun idea to include your boyfriend, husband or significant other. That’s right, I’m talking about getting your DIY thinking caps on and getting clever to craft up the ultimate couples costume.

The best Halloween costume ideas require equal parts creativity and elbow grease. From movies to pop culture to celebrities, the options are plenty! If you need a little ideation in the inspiration department, this compilation is for you.

For Halloween 2019, I’ve compiled a list of some funny, unique, and creative couples, dynamic duo, and group Halloween costumes. So grab your man or your woman, and let’s make this your best Halloween costumes idea yet! Let’s get creating…

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1. Marylyn Monroe and Joe Dimaggio

marylyn Monroe and joe dimaggio halloween costume

2. Anne Wheeler and Phillip Carlyle From The Greatest Showman

3. Harry Potter

4. Venus Williams and Lebron James

5. Stranger Things

We love stranger things

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6. Hamburger and Hot Dog

7. Hillary Banks and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

8. Chick Magnet

chick magnet clever halloween costume

9. Yukio and Negasonic from Deadpool 2

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10. Puppet and Puppet Master