23 Fun Hair Color Ideas For Black Women: Pink, Purple, Blonde, and Blue —Oh My!

black woman with purple colored hair

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Black women are always switching up and trying all kinds of different things with their hair. From straight hairstyles, kinky hairstyles, hairstyles with weave and natural hairstyles — the options of hairstyles for black women are seemingly limitless. But what about hair color for black women?

While hair color can seem a bit scary, especially if your hair has been previously processed or chemically straightened, it doesn’t have to be. An experienced hair colorist makes adding color is another bold way black women can experiment and get creative with hair.

If you prefer to experiment with temporary hair color, products like this hair color wax on Amazon make it super easy and inexpensive to add some fun color to your hair. To help inspire your hair color leap, here are some fun hair color ideas for black women.

1. @blackwomancoloredhair

Go for a deep purple root that fades to a bright pink.

2. @jackieaina

Lace front wigs make it easy to switch up and experiment with colors like this soft pink look.

3. @hairpaintwax

Purple hair color is always a good idea. This particular look was made possible with this natural hair wax you can scoop on Amazon. Although temporary, hair wax produces vibrant hair color on dark hair, and made of natural ingredients.

4. @simplymsfrizz

Go for teal!

5. @baronesscountess

Weren’t cool enough to be born a natural red head. You can easily fake this natural looking yet bold hair color for black women.

6. @_skinny_mini96

This deep purple color hair color is also achieved by using this natural hair wax you can scoop on Amazon.

7. @curlygirlpri

Really pretty blue and purple curls.

8. @___jaaazzzz

How about this deep pinkish maroon? I think this is a very pretty and unique color.

9. @nurse_poizon_ivy

Now this is pretty. Whats fabulous about dreads is because your hair is likely unprocessed, perhaps it will take will to permanent or temporary color. Talk to your hair stylist to learn more.

10. @shanillia26

Loving this bold curly from on what looks like type 4 kinky hair.

11. @spstyled

Another curly beauty rocking purple hair color.

12. @spstyled

How about purple and blue highlights? Thats a cute and fun hair color to try.

13. @stylequeenbeauty

Ohhhh. This I’m loving this natural tone of red. It could almost be natural, you cant really tell.

14. @maneaddicts

Now this hair color on this black woman’s type 4 hair may actually be natural. But if you weren’t blessed with this tone naturally, you can certainly recreate it with the help of a professional hair colorist.

15. @arnalisa_r

Golden brown sun kissed curls.

16. @amari_music

A blue, purple and pink rainbow ombre.

17. @hairwaxpaint

Metallic purple curls.

18. @tiffanylitshae

Dread locs always look so pretty with some fun color.

19. @vibingwithkia

Type 4 beauty with very subtle purple and blue hints.

20. @msklarie

Very cute electric blue bob by a very talented hair colorist no doubt.

21. @msklarie

Very cut pixie haircut with brown and blond coloring at the root.

22. @follicle.tt

This bold hair color looks healthy and strong.

23. @msklarie

Peek a boo pink highlights on black hair.

24. @msklarie

Loving this golden brown pixie hair cut with fun blonde and orange highlighted swoop bangs in the front.

25. @msklarie

Can you imagine how pretty this hair color will still be when her dark roots start to grow out?

26. @beautylynk

Because after all, they say blondes have more fun.

27. @beauty_depot

Faux locs and braids are an easy way to play with color. You can purchase gray faux locs like these on Amazon here.

Enjoyed this round-up of hair color ideas for black women? Which one of these hair colors will you be trying soon? Will you use the vibrant temporary hair color wax from Amazon or will you have your color professionally done? Share in the comments! Oh, and don’t forget to PIN your favorites 90’s hairstyles to your hair color inspiration board on Pinterest.