Go HighLevel Review 2022: Details, Features, & Pricing

go highlevel review

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HighLevel or GoHighLevel as it’s often referred to, is an all-in-one marketing, sales, and CRM software platform. HighLevel claims to offer all the tools, support, and resources you need to succeed in your business. In this HighLevel or GoHighLevel review (I’ll be using the two interchangeably throughout this article) I’ll be overviewing whether this software is really as good as it sounds, and is it worth the hype?

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Running a business online in 2021 and beyond consists of many moving parts. From email marketing, sales funnels, pipeline management, scheduling capabilities, analytics… and all of that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

It becomes extremely overwhelming and downright messy when as a business owner has to duct tape all of these tools together to work towards a single purpose — closing deals and making sales. 

The truth is, the business management tools currently on the market that offer a more consolidated approach (I’m looking at you Active Campaign, Hubspot, Clickfunnels) often do one thing exceptionally well, and the other features just fall short. In this HighLevel review, I’ll introduce and overview a cloud-based software that dares to provide an all-in-one solution where all of the features actually work — and work really damn well!

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As a digital marketer, lifestyle blogger, and business owner… I’ve been in the online marketing space for close to ten years now. I’ve tried all the tools out there to be tried — Hubspot, Active Campaign, Convert Kit, Click Funnels… I could go on and on.

About 1 year ago I was introduced to HighLevel or GoHighLevel and I haven’t looked back since. 

What is HighLevel?

HighLevel is an all-in-one sales and marketing platform for professional marketers and marketing agencies. Think of HighLevel as a super hybrid CRM (customer relationship management) software on steroids with a myriad of fabulous features.

go highlevel features

HighLevel is also a SaaS or Software as a Service provider. This allows users with the agency subscription to Whitelabel the platform and resale to their customers. 

Pretty cool, right? But wait there’s more…

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HighLevel is also a service arbitrage marketplace for agencies and business owners alike. If you don’t already know, service arbitrage means one would act as a middle-man in a transaction delivering a service, such as Facebook ads or creating websites. Simply put, you sell a service and someone else does the work. HighLevel facilitates this service within its platform for agency owners.

Who is HighLevel for?

HighLevel describes itself as an all-in-one sales and marketing platform specifically for marketers and agencies. In a practice, however, the features that the platform offers are made for both marketers and individual business owners as well.

Simply put, HighLevel is for any business owner running a business online. Be that business owner an agency owner or professional marketer who may choose to Whitelabel HighLevel to their customers (more on that in a bit), or an individual business owner such as a photographer, dog trainer, blogger, course creator, consultant or any other type of online entrepreneur.

HighLevel is for you if…

  • You’re a digital marketer or marketing agency owner. Whether you build websites, run Facebook ads, or provide another type of marketing service, HighLevel enables you to add even more value to your clients with this super powerful CRM system that you can brand as your own. Furthermore, this allows you to add an additional product income stream to your business that has a substantially lower churn rate than traditional marketing services.  
  • You want new, creative, and easier ways of picking up digital marketing/agency clients. A powerful CRM system to automate their business is an easy and unique way to get your foot in the door with potential clients. Once you’ve got that foot in the door you can always work on upselling additional value with your services.
  • You’re and online entrepreneur who’s already subscribed to services that HighLevel offers (a CRM, a funnel page builder, an email marketing software, an online course host, ect). In most cases, switching to HighLevel is a no brainer — you’ll be able to consolidate all your tech in one place, saving you time, money, and stress.

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What will HighLevel do for me?

GoHighLevel offers features that help business owners capture, nurture, close, and serve their customers. Among the best features offered by HighLevel are email marketing, text message marketing, pipeline management, scheduling capabilities, and calendar integration, sales funnel builder, automation, triggers, and much much more. I’ll elaborate more on the features a little later in this GoHighLevel review.


Capture leads using landing pages, surveys, forms, calendars, inbound phone systems, and more!


Automatically message leads via voicemail, forced calls, SMS, emails, FB Messenger, and more!


Use built-in tools to collect payments, schedule appointments, and track analytics!


Host online courses, digital products, and content in your own membership area.

GoHighLevel Review: Pros and Cons

If you’d appreciate a quick summary of the GoHighLevel pros and cons, I’ll leave one for you here.

Full disclosure, I am a HighLevel / GoHighLevel affiliate. This means that if you find this HighLevel review at all helpful, I kindly ask that use this link or any of the links on the page to sign up. I will be credited by the HighLevel team and earn a small commission when you sign up (at no additional cost to you). Additionally, I’ll send you a free GoHighLevel bonus — you can claim your free GoHighLevel bonus here.

With that said, as a digital marketer, I was a cheerleader for GoHighLevel before I even became an affiliate and my review of the software is genuine.

Truth be told, the list of GoHighLevel cons is short. Very short.

After using the software for several months now, there’s only one real frustration I have at the moment. But even this one con, I’m hesitant to list because the HighLevel team is innovating, updating, and adding new features constantly at the speed of light. And so I’m certain this con will soon have a better solution.

The biggest con for me has been that, currently, GoHighLevel doesn’t integrate directly with Elementor (the plugin I use to create beautiful WordPress websites). Although I love the GoHighLevel website builder and funnel builder for landing pages and sales pages (more on that below), I still swear by WordPress for my main website builds.

Currently, if you want to connect say an Elementor or Thrive Themes form to transfer contact info in GoHighLevel, you’ll need to make the connection via Zapier which may come at an additional cost. It would be very nice to more easily allow Elementor forms to transfer data directly into GoHighLevel without needing Zapier to do it. Honestly, it’s not a bad solution at all, it just would be nice to have that ability. Furthermore, you are able to bypass needing Zapier altogether by embedding a native GoHighLevel form directly onto your website.

As for the GoHighLevel Pros…

The list of pros is just about the length of this article — which I plan on continuing to update well into 2022 and beyond.

The bottom line is that GoHighLevel is the best damn business tool I have used in the last ten years (and I don’t say that lightly)!

The features within GoHighLevel are phenomenal and essential to running a business successfully online (and offline too). The HighLevel team is continually innovating and adding new features plus their support team and user Facebook group are top-notch. Whether you are an agency owner, digital marketer, online entrepreneur, freelancer, or any other type of small business… do your business a favor and thank me later… Try GoHighLevel for 14 Days Free + Claim Exclusive GoHighLevel BONUS 👉🏾

GoHighLevel Review: The Features

go highlevel pricing

GoHighLevel is a next-level CRM as it is the first-ever all-in-one platform that will give you the tools, support and resources you need to succeed with your agency or business and/or clients. HighLevels CRM helps businesses build a relationship with their customers that, in turn, creates loyalty and customer retention. 

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HighLevel allows businesses to become more efficient by organizing and automating certain aspects of the business. With insightful analytics, HighLevel helps businesses learn about their customers, including trends in customers’ purchasing histories.

Finally, HighLevel allows businesses to optimize their customer interactions by simplifying and streamlining more complex customer interaction processes, GoHighLevel helps increase customer satisfaction.

Here’s an overview and review of HighLevels best features.


go highlevel pipeline deal opportunities

Create sales pipelines with HighLevels Opportunities feature. From awareness to the decision to buy, make sure your pipeline has stages that map the entire customer journey.

Easily track how many open deals you have and which deals need attention. Having a clean sales pipeline helps you predict revenue, track your leads, simplify sales, and define your marketing strategy to better align with the stages of your sales. Use opportunities to stay up-to-date on open deals so nothing slips through the cracks.

Pictured above you can see how we use GoHighLevel opportunities for a local boudoir photographer. As her leads come in through a HighLevel form embedded on her website, the “deal” is automatically added to the appropriate stage in her opportunities pipeline. From this visual pipeline view, she can move leads along and easily keep track of where everyone is in the customer journey.

Replaces: Active Campaigns ‘Deals’, Hubspot, Pipedrive, Similiar CRM’s

Workflow & Triggers

go highlevel workflow trigger automations

Workflows and triggers are where HighLevel stands apart and above the competition.

GoHighLevel workflows and triggers allow you to connect every channel you use in your business. Pull in data from email marketing, social media, advertising, and your website, then use automation to segment your contacts, personalize your communications, trigger campaigns, and create stronger customer experiences.

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use this marketing automation platform. That’s because the drag-and-drop automation builder lets you set up automated workflows in just a matter of minutes. Get a birds-eye view of your marketing automations and make tweaks without worrying about stuff going wrong.

Pictured above is a workflow we’ve set up for new leads. A contact tag is used to trigger a series of automations including email, text messages, forced calls, and voicemail drops.

Replaces: Active Campaign, ConvertKit


highlevel form builder

Collecting information from leads is an important first step for many business owners. With the GoHighLevel form builder, you can build forms that easily embed via iframe onto any website. The best thing about HighLevel forms is that because they are a customer entry point into the customer journey, they can be used to trigger a series of custom workflow automations.

An example of how I use the forms feature for a boudoir photographer is that when the lead fills out the form, a special stage is automatically added. That tag automates the lead being added to the appropriate pipeline, workflow, and campaigns.

The forms features within GoHighLevel are great. I do, however, wish that the forms were a bit more customizable. This however is completely resolved by integrating stylized forms created on any platform via Zapier. The form you see pictured above is an embedded HighLevel form (so no Zapier integration necessary).

Email Marketing

go highlevel email builder

Email marketing is one of the features that High Level does phenomenally well in all the ways that matter including deliverability. That’s because GoHighLevel email marketing feature integrates with the very best email delivery providers such as Mailgun.

In the GoHighLevel dashboard under the marketing tab, you will find the email feature. From here, can create an email using one of the premade templates or use a blank template to start from scratch. The HighLevel drag and drop email builder make it super easy to create beautiful stylized email designs akin to anything you’d create in a program like MailChimp or Active Campaign.

One thing that I really like about HighLevels email marketing feature is the ability to make both styled email templates and unstyled email templates. In other words, you can create and send emails that look like professional marketing newsletters with lots of colors, emails, and buttons (as you see pictured above). You can also create and send ordinary-looking emails that look as if you personally sent them directly from your normal inox (without any unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email).

Replaces: Active Campaign, ConvertKit, MailChimp, Flodesk


go highlevel online courses

For anyone selling online courses or digital products, HighLevels memberships feature is absolutely awesome. The memberships feature is a secure way to host and deliver courses and ebooks alike.

The best aspect of HighLevel memberships is its simplicity, which makes hosting digital media with fewer tech headaches possible. GoHighLevel handles everything from hosting your content to payment processing via stripe integration. This allows you more time to focus on what matters—creating an awesome online business.

Pictured above you can see a screenshot of inside the student dashboard of my online course on growing a profitable blog from scratch. With features such as monthly subscriptions and the ability to drip content, of all the online course hosting platforms I’ve tried, GoHighLevel is the best one. Additionally, the interface is easy to navigate for both me and my students.

Replaces: Kajabi, Teachable, Thinkkiffic

Sales Funnels

go highlevel funnel builder

If you’ve read this far through my GoHighLevel review, I’m guessing there’s a good chance you know that a sales funnel is the path a customer takes to purchase from your business, all the way from interested prospect to converted customer. Including elements such as the sales page, the order page, the upsell page, the “Thank You” page, and any other pages which directly influence the actual conversion event (which could be generating leads or making sales), the ability to build high converting sales pages is essential.

While the building of pages can be done using a series of ordinary let’s say WordPress pages, if you want to build landing pages, sales pages, and funnel pages that are high converting, the best way is to use funnel-building software with conversion-optimized features. Using the HighLevel funnel builder allows you to easily implement advanced conversion-focused elements such as two-step order forms, countdown timers, and progress bars.

As pictures above, if you’re moving your funnels pages from another landing page builder it’s very easy to recreate them using the drag and drop interface.

If you’re moving over from ClickFunnels, moving your ClickFunnels landing pages into HighLevel is as easy as copy and paste — seriously. Watch my video review of the GoHighLevel funnel builder til about the 32:05 minute mark and be amazed.

Replaces: Click Funnels, Lead Pages, Unbounce, Instapage


go highlevel appointments

Need the ability to have clients or lead schedule time on your calendar? Gone are the days of embedding a Calendly widget on your website or sending folks to an antiquated Acuity link to book a time with you. With the GoHighLevel calendar feature, you have yet another essential tool you need to run your business within one ecosystem.

The best thing about having the calendar feature integrated within one ecosystem is that you can easily build in a scheduled event to trigger an automation, workflow, and/or campaign dependent on whether they are pending, confirmed, a now show, or whether the event has passed.

Replaces: Calendly, Acuity

Reputation Management

go highlevel reviews and reputation management

What business doesn’t want lots of 5-star reviews?  Having a stellar reputation online is essential if you desire to take advantage of every sales opportunity and grow your business.

HighLevel Reputation Management enables you to continuously improve your business reputation on Google and Facebook. With the click of a button you can quickly generate reviews with personalized review requests, then easily track, respond to, and monitor your reviews in one place. There’s also a review widget that allows you to display real reviews on your website.

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GoHighLevel Review: Pricing

This GoHighLevel Review would be incomplete without the mention of pricing, an important aspect of the software. Because as a business owner, online entrepreneur, or agency owner paying for various marketing software subscriptions to run your business online can quickly add up. An all-in-one solution such as HighLevel however can help alleviate the high-cost burden in a very big way.

go highlevel pricing

The graphic pictured above illustrates just how much of a money saver GoHighLevel can actually be. One important consideration when comparing GoHighLevel pricing is that many of the competing software programs often have limitations forcing users to upgrade to more expensive plans.

Take Active Campaign, for example, which appears to be reasonably priced until your email list begins to grow beyond 500 contacts. The same is true for other marketing software. GoHighLevel doesn’t have such restrictive limitations as the competitors making GoHighLevel the most price-effective option in many instances.

The agency unlimited pricing is truly considering all the value you get for yourself, but also considering the value you can provide for an unlimited number of customers. In my GoHighLevel agency account, I run multiple of my own businesses plus a number of sub-accounts with all the same features for my marketing clients — all for one price!

GoHighLevel Review Takeaway

If you’ve been looking for a way to simplify your business so that it runs better, more efficiently and with less overhead costs, then look no further. GoHighLevel is the all-in-one CRM tool needed by any entrepreneur who wants to grow their business without leaving themselves overwhelmed in the process.

With features like email marketing automation, funnel builder, online course hosting, pipelines, and even integrations into other essential business software programs such as QuickBooks and Stripe this program will help you save money now while making you even more money long term. The two week free trial should be enough time for anyone considering using this powerful solution to see how well it can work for them before they commit fully. Try GoHighLevel for 14 Days Free + Claim Exclusive GoHighLevel BONUS 👉🏾

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