57+ Best Things To Sell On Etsy To Make Money 2021

things to sell on etsy

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Thinking about starting an Etsy shop but wondering what are the best things to sell on Etsy to make money? With regards to the “best ideas to sell on Etsy” to make money, perhaps you’re wondering what are the most profitable things to sell on Etsy, what are the most popular things to sell on Etsy, or maybe what are the best crafts that you can make to sell on Etsy.

If you’re wondering about any or all of the above, welcome you budding Entrepreneur you (or perhaps you’re already a successful entrepreneur looking to diversify your streams of income ). Either way, you’re in the right place.

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I have been an Esty shop owner for quite a few years now. And in addition to making money with this here blog you’re reading (read more about how I make money blogging HERE) I also sell things on Etsy including digital products, drop shipped products, and I’ve been experimenting lately with physical items I’ve purchased wholesale as well.

With that said, I know a thing or two about the best things to sell on Etsy to make money right now, in 2021, in 2022, and beyond. Furthermore, I love helping people unearth business ideas and so I’m thrilled to share what I’ve learned along the way with you about what to sell on Etsy to make money.

Consider, who’s shopping on Etsy?

popular items to sell on etsy

When choosing the best things are to sell on Etsy to make money, you should absolutely consider who Etsy’s audience is. In other words, who is shopping on Etsy? While a very wide spectrum of people shop on marketplaces such as Amazon, shoppers on Etsy are much more niche.

Etsy shoppers go to Etsy with very specific expectations in mind. They themselves are also very specific.

The typical Etsy shopper is a millennial between the ages of 18-35 according to Tech Penny, with outliers of older generations. Of those Millenials, many Etsy customers are female. Etsy shoppers also typically love to craft and love unique handmade items. They tend to be moms, brides, first-time homeowners, etc.

Top Categories of Items To Sell on Etsy

items to sell on etsy
Top categories displayed on Etsy.

According to recent Etsy Marketplace Insights, data shows that shoppers turn to Etsy for items that bring a little comfort or joy to their days. Among the top categories on Etsy are related to home upgrades, at-home activities, self-care, and gifting. Items for bridal parties, brides, and weddings also make up a huge part of the Etsy Marketplace (as a former wedding photographer, I can attest to this).

A quick search on Etsy will reveal to you what the most popular categories are. Among the top categories displayed on Etsy, which one can guess makes them the most significant on the platform are as follows.

  • Jewelry & Accessories
  • Clothing & Shoes
  • Home & Living
  • Wedding & Party
  • Toys & Entertainment
  • Art & Collectibles
  • Craft Supplies
  • Gifts & Gift Cards
  • Vintage

These categories only scratch the surface however on all the things you can sell on Etsy to make money.

How To Win By Selling To Niches on Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace that should be approached uniquely. As I mentioned before, Etsy caters to a very niche type of audience. You can not just throw any ol’ generic items without much thought and think these items will sell well on Etsy (even if they sell like hot cakes on platforms like Amazon).

When thinking of ideas of things to sell on Etsy, sellers should consider items that are unique, not easily found elsewhere. Items that are personalized and/or customized for Etsy’s niche target markets. And items that may be special and sentimental in some way.

One clever way of easily making items that you sell on Etsy unique and special is by customizing a particular item to a particular niche or audience. Whether you do this by niching with a specific audience, event, or purpose someone might be looking to buy an item — you will go a long way if you choose a niche to sell to on Etsy.

Sourcing Items To Sell On Etsy

One important point to consider when exploring the best things to sell on Etsy and make money is how you will source your products and inventory. Here are a few fundamental ways of sourcing products to sell in your Etsy shop.

Handmade / Handcrafted Items

Etsy is unique in that unlike other online marketplaces, this marketplace focuses primarily on promoting sellers who offer handmade or vintage items. 

If you’re artistic or creative enough you can make all kinds of items by hand to sell on Etsy. From an original painting on canvas to beautiful handmade jewelry — if you can make it, you can sell it on Etsy!

You can even make digital products, items that people can simply download online (more on that later) using a brilliant and easy-to-use program such as Canva.

Wholesale Items

If you’re not the creative handmaking type, there’s certainly still an opportunity for you as a seller on Etsy. That’s right, not everything sold on Etsy needs to be crafted, handmade, or vintage.

To be successful in selling “regular” ol’ wholesale items (that technically anyone can sell), you need to do is think of a clever way to position those items to Etsy shoppers looking for cool and unique finds.

Dropshipped Items

If you’ve got no artistic talents to hand-make things to sell on Etsy, and you’ve got no money to buy items to sell on Etsy either, dropshipping may be a good option for you. Dropshipping allows you to sell a product, pass on the sales order to a third-party supplier, who then ships the order directly to the customer. So you don’t actually need to buy, store, or ship anything.

You’ll need to find unique ways to position generic items to dynamic Etsy shoppers.

Top Trending Items To Sell On Etsy Right Now in 2021 (Post COVID)

According to Etsy, as people are adjusting to new schedules and routines, their needs as consumers are also changing. While securing everyday items is a top priority, new data is showing that shoppers are also turning to Etsy for items that bring a little comfort or joy to their days.

To help you understand and adapt to this evolving retail landscape, here are some insights into recent shopping behavior and emerging trending items to sell on Etsy.

Face Masks

things to sell on etsy masks

Countless companies in dire straits during the lockdown have turned to masks to generate revenue. During the COVID pandemic, Etsy saw a large increase in search volume for face coverings including masks, bandanas, and scarves as people stock up for personal use.

Despite the competitive market for face mask sales, you can make money by selling this valuable product to your customers. Etsy’s most successful sellers have developed strict attention to detail in order to find success and popularity with their products.

More Related Items:

  • Facemask Accessories
  • Covid Care Packages

Vaccine-themed gear

things to sell on etsy covid

There are many divisive topics on the internet, but few can match the polarizing nature of vaccines.

Etsy sellers are racing to meet the growing demand for all sorts of vaccine-related gear — from “Fauci Ouchie” buttons to “Pfizer Alumni” T-shirts to protective cases sized for a CDC card — especially as more and more people getting the jab look to celebrate the milestone.

More Related Items:

  • Front Door Mats
  • Buttons
  • Tshirts

Handmade Things To Sell on Etsy

Etsy is known as being a marketplace for but unique, vintage, and handmade crafts and items. Here are some of the best handmade items to sell on Etsy.

Unique Jewelry

jewelry to sell on etsy

Unique and Handmade Jewelry is definitely one of the most popular things to sell on Etsy. But don’t let that deter you as Etsy shoppers are always looking for unique jewelry pieces to add to their own wardrobe or to gift to a loved one.

More Related Items:

  • Headwrap
  • Headbands
  • Bags & purses

Wood Work

things to sell on etsy

Who says woodworking was a thing of the past? Not Kwadwo of Crafted Glory who sells his handmade wood pieces on Etsy. “I put my heart into my work, and am excited to craft a piece for you.”


things to sell on etsy

As it turns out, knitting isn’t just for Grandma. Knitting is a great idea if you’re looking for popular items to sell on Etsy.

More Related Items:

  • Knit Scarfs
  • Knit Sweater
  • Knit Blankets
  • Crochet Items

*I will list lots more unique and handmade item ideas to sell on Etsy down below.

Popular Items To Sell On Etsy

If you selling lots of volumes, making money, and running a profitable Etsy shop is important to you, check out some of the most popular things to sell on Etsy both seasonally and year-round.

Seasonal Items

Like many retailers and online marketplaces, Etsy generates a lot of sales and a lot of revue for its sellers around the holidays — but not just Christmas. Sellers are making lots of money on Etsy by selling things that spike seasonally year-round in including the Fourth of July, Easter, and Halloween. If you’re a fan of the holidays, selling seasonal items on Etsy could be a great strategy towards big earnings.

Christmas Things

Every year, people try to buy the perfect gift for their loved ones. They want to give something that will make them happy and bring a smile to their face.

More Related Items:

  • Tree Ornaments
  • Custom Wreaths
  • Christmas Decor
  • Christmas Cards

Halloween Things

Halloween is one of the biggest holidays of the year. This makes Halloween a great opportunity for those looking to take advantage of this period and make lots of sales selling Halloween-related items on Etsy.

More Related Items:

  • Halloween Decorations
  • Halloween Costumes

Fourth of July

Another big holiday in the USA, of course, is the Fourth of July. But don’t underestimate this one-day holiday… If you choose the right item to sell on Etsy targeted for the Fourth of July, you will get a big spike in sales around the summer, but you can also sell lots of products on Etsy all year long.

More Related Items:

  • T-shirts
  • Signs
  • Baby Outfits

Wedding Related Items

As a former wedding photographer and having spent a lot of time around brides, I can tell you one thing — brides love two things for all their wedding details… Pinterest and Etsy.

Wedding Stationery

In addition to save the date cards (and perhaps change the date), couples planning a wedding will also need wedding invitations, wedding menus, place cards, signs, thank you cards, and a myriad of other wedding stationery items.

You can design your own wedding stationery as a digital product or printable to sell on Etsy. If you’ve got great penmanship you could even handmake them — calligraphy is a fabulous niche service you can offer on Etsy to couples who want unique wedding stationery.

More Related Items:

  • Wedding Favors
  • Wedding Accessories

Bridemaids Gifts

Every bride wants to make her bridesmaids feel special. And as a token of appreciation, a bride will often gift her bridesmaids with lovely sentimental items to remember the special day for years to come — the groom with his groomsmen too.

Putting together unique gift boxes for wedding couples and the wedding party is a great item to sell on Etsy. Individual items marketed to wedding couples for the purpose of gifting, such as robes, are also a great idea.

Did you know that many brides plan and decorate their own weddings? As a wedding photographer for over 5 years, I can tell you that many modern brides enjoy planning and putting together their own weddings from scratch. And to find interesting decor, details, and ideas brides love Etsy.

More Related Items:

  • Robes
  • Pajama Set
  • Custom Tote Bags
  • Wedding Decor

Popular ideas among the best items to sell on Etsy in the wedding decor niche include creative guest book alternatives, centerpieces, and even cake toppers.

Milestone/Event Specific Things

Birthday Gifts & Things

What makes birthday a great niche for items to sell on Etsy to make money is that everyone you know has one — and they have them every single year. Etsy shoppers than to be repeat buyers. If they like something from a certain shop, there’s a good chance they may buy it again and/or recommend the Etsy shop or Etsy Items to someone else. A birthday item gives them a perfectly compelling reason to.

** For this idea and others I will mention, you can buy these items wholesale and then ship them out to your customers. Or you can have the items you sell in your Etsy shop dropshipped directly from the vendor to your customers (more on that later).

Retirement Gifts & Things

My aunt who has been a teacher for over 25 years recently retired. Her retirement party that was attended by lots of fellow teachers wore and gifted her with all kinds of funny retirement gifts and items that one could easily sell on Etsy to make money. In fact, when I asked where they purchased these gifts, many of them answered Etsy.

Baby on The Way Gifts & Things

Many of the people that shop on Etsy tend to be parents, mainly mothers. And you better believe that when it’s time to plan their baby shower, Etsy is the main stop for unique baby shower decor and items.

Profitable Things To Sell On Etsy

Digital Products & Printables

Although these digital products sell for a very low price, as a seller you don’t need to ship anything, and once the item is made, you can sell it over and over again without much additional work.

Planner sheets

There are many types of planners out there. Some people love their virtual planner and others need to have something physical in order to stay organized. Millenials ladies in particular (which we’ve already established make up the lion’s share of Etsy shoppers) love to organize and love to plan. Planner printables that help people organize their lives are very popular and are a great digital product to sell on Etsy.

Wall Art

People are always looking for cool and unique ways to beautify their spaces — and wall art is an inexpensive and easy way to make your home look beautiful! If you’re the creative type, you can create beautiful art, digitize it, and sell copies of your work to art buyers on Etsy.

You’ll want to create your own original elements using programs like Photoshop or Illustrator. If you want to learn these advanced creative skills, I highly recommend you check out this course on Skillshare. #link

Wall Quotes

People love words that motivate, inspire, and add personality to their spaces. If you don’t quite have the skill of creating art, per see, a more simple creative digital product or printable you can create and sell on Etsy are quote printables.

You can easily use Canva to create inspirational or funny quotes that people can print, frame, and hang on their walls. Keep in mind that some fonts in Canva may be copyrighted. You can however buy your own fonts (and the right to use them however you wish) on Creative Market. One of my favorite fonts to create the wall quotes that I sell on Etsy is Signature — I bought it on Creative Market. #link


Stickers are a quick way to personalize your home, iPhone case, laptop, or any other surface that needs some flair. While stickers may seem small (and really random if you ask me), these tiny items have managed to generate quite the buzz and are among the best-selling items on Etsy. People love stickers — making stickers of all sorts are a very popular item to sell on Etsy to make money.

With the help of any print-on-demand services that will create stickers from your designs and ship them to the buyers, you can quickly sell creative stickers without any hassle.

Printable Cards

Do you want to give your loved ones a special gift this holiday season or special occasion? Etsy shoppers do!

Etsy shoppers love unique printable cards — especially so if they can be customized with family photos, sayings, personalized messages, and quotes. Printable cards are also easy to make because they don’t require any additional effort or supplies for buyers beyond paper, ink, and an at-home printer!


There is no doubt that a resume is an important document for any job seeker looking to find work. To stand out from the crowd job seekers will appreciate a stunning resume with unique yet professional graphic design.

If you’ve got a knack for resumes or an eye for graphic design, you can use a program like Canva to design resumes and sell them on Etsy to make money.

ChattanDesign designs and sells resumes such as this one. This example Designed for nurses and others within the medical field, this professional resume template will stand out from the crowd of many nursing applicants. With a neat and tidy structure, recruiters will find it very easy to view your professional experience and appreciate your design.

More Ideas of Things To Sell On Etsy To Make Money

Career-Audience Specific Items

Items for Nurses

No one can deny that nurses and other medical field workers all around the world have united now like never before. With everything they have gone through during the COVID-19 pandemic, you better believe that the brave men and women who have been on the hospital front lines are proud to share their hero status with the world.

While nurses, doctors, and other healthcare workers often wear scrubs and uniforms every day, customized items are a fun way to add personality to boring uniforms.

  • Custom scrubs
  • Nurse pins
  • Croc charms

Items for Teachers and Educators

Teachers and educators are a huge part of our population and society. These individuals are also very proud of the important work that they do and strongly identify with one another. These realities plus the fact that teachers and educators are always buying things for their classrooms, students, and colleagues make them the perfect audience to sell items to on Etsy.

Items for Stay at Home Moms

We all know that being a stay-at-home mom is one of the most important jobs that there is. And the woman who makes mothering and homemaking her careers is proud to let the world know. Stay at home moms are going to fit squarely into the typical Etsy audience profile and they are a great audience to consider when thinking of things to sell on Etsy to make money.

Passion/Hobby-Audience Specific Items

Entrepreneur Gear

As a passionate business owner myself, being an entrepreneur is something I’m proud to show off. And in that way, I am not unique. Clever and unique Entrepreneur gear is a great item to sell on Etsy to all the hustlers out there.

Pet Parent Gear

Just as passionate as people are about their children, people are equally (if not more) just as passionate about their pets. Some sellers are making a killing selling items on Etsy both for pets and their passionate parents.

Craft Kits

Although most places are open again, many people are still choosing to spend time at home. And so people are always excited about things to do to keep them occupied. If you can come up with a crafting kit idea for adults or one for parents to entertain their children, this is a creative idea of something to sell on Etsy.

More Ideas of Things To Sell in Your Etsy Shop

Dried Floral Arrangements

Pressed Flower Art

Nail Designs

Kids Board Games



Take Away

If you’ve been looking for a way to make money on Etsy, look no further than this list of items. Whether you want to sell your favorite craft project or sell an item uniquely positioned for a niche audience, there is an item here that will fit the bill. You may be surprised by how many different ways people are able to create income with selling items on Etsy.

What do you plan to sell in your Esty shop? Have some additional ideas? Share with us in the comments below.