7 Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners and Pros Alike (Personal Favs)

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When you think of pole dancing, perhaps you picture a sexy woman in a barely-there outfit. Just as essential as a sexy outfit (or lack thereof) for beginners and pros alike, is having a fabulous pair of the best pole dancing shoes for you in your arsenal.

Pole dancing is a highly athletic and demanding sport (so to speak), and just like any other sport, if you want to be successful at it, you need the right equipment. This is especially true if you’re looking for shoes that will help you with your pole dancing moves.

In this post, we’ll take a look at some of the best pole dancing shoes for beginners, as well as for seasoned pros.

Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners

As I mentioned before, pole dancing is a highly athletic activity and it’s important to have shoes that provide support and stability. If you’re shopping specifically pole dancing shoes for beginners, choosing heels that you feel super comfortable in is especially important so that you feel confident as you learn the basics.

For beginners, here are some features to look out for when shopping for pole dancing shoes:

Good overall fit.

As with any shoe, it’s important to make sure they fit snugly and feel comfortable. One thing to pay extra attention to is the width of the shoe. Make sure it’s not too narrow or too wide, as this can throw off your balance and stability. I’d recommend when ordering your first pair of pole dancing shoes, that you order two sizes to ensure you get the right fit. You can always return the shoe that doesn’t fit just right.

A heel that is not intimidating.

Let’s face it, watching some gals dominate the pole in monstrous 8-inch heels can be downright stressful. For beginners, starting out with a smaller heel can help build confidence and not overwhelm you. A shoe with a 5-6 inch heel and a 2-inch platform is a great place to start.

A secure ankle strap.

Having an ankle strap can provide extra stability and support as you learn to navigate the pole. It can also prevent any slips and falls as you begin to perform more advanced moves. If you’re particularly clumsy, I really like the idea of an ankle boot as it can provide even more support to your ankles.

1) Pleaser Women’s Sky-1020 Ankle Boots


The quality of these boots are so amazing I wish I could wear them 24/7! I bought them for the runway not pole dancing but I know the patent leather would hold up long term for that also.


This patent leather ankle boot is super fierce and adds an extra level of support with its full boot coverage. I love the ankle boot style because it’s not intimidating for beginners but can also add an edgy and sexy touch to your pole dancing routine.

2) Ankle Strap Clear Platform Sandals Fluffy Heels Stiletto


These heels are exactly how they were supposed to be. Fit perfect, they are Beautiful, easy to put on & take off.


These sandals feature a clear platform of 1.77 inches, making them supportive and stable pole dancing shoe for beginners. The fluffy detail on the front adds a fun, playful touch to the overall look of the shoe.

3) Pleaser Women’s SKY308VL/C/M Platform Dress Sandal


Ordered the first time in the size I usually wear in heels but way way too small, ordered the size up this time and fit perfect. The high platform makes it so theres not a lot of pressure on your toes. Actually very easy to walk in for a beginner.


The quintessential “stripper shoe”, when in doubt, the totally clear platform hell is always a sexy and confident choice for a pole dancing shoe. And don’t worry, the ankle strap provides stability so you can rock those moves like a pro.

4) Ellie Shoes Women’s 609-LEVI


The shoes look fantastic, the quality is great, and I’ve gotten a lot of compliments! 100% worth it! 😄


The netting of this unique pole dancing shoe gives it an edgy rock and roll appeal. The double adjustable buckle ankle strap adds extra support and stability for beginners, while the 5.5-inch heel makes it a great beginner pole dancing shoe.

5) Pleaser Women’s Moon-708OMBRE Ankle-Strap Sandal


Take the clear platform shoe to the next level with this shimmery ombré version. The pretty detail on the shoe will make your pole dancing routine extra glamorous. This unique pole dancing shoe also comes in different colors including blue, pink, purple, and silver.

Best Pole Dancing Shoes For The Advanced Girlies

As you become more advanced in your pole dancing journey, the sky is truly the limit when it comes to shoe options. From super-high heels to platforms to thigh-high baddie boots, there are endless options to choose from.

For the advanced gals that aren’t afraid of towering heels, here are some of the best pole dancing shoes sure to dazzle on stage.

6) Pleaser Women’s Moon-708OMBRE Ankle-Strap Sandal


These are much easier to walk in then expected, they are more comfortable than some of my other heels.


Take your poling dancing to new heights, literally, with these inch stunners. While not for the faint of heart, these 8-inch heel sandals will have you looking and feeling like a pole dancing pro. The ankle strap provides added support and stability so you can confidently rock these sky-high heels on the pole.

7) SheSole Women’s Over The Knee Thigh High Heel Boots Platform Zip Buckle Lace Up


These are stunning. You’ll want to pad them if you plan to wear them for more than 2 hours, but they’re fine for bedroom fun. They did scuff after a few uses, but nothing major, just the nature of the material.


If you’re feeling adventurous, these thigh-high boots are the perfect statement pole-dancing shoes. The zipper and buckle closures add a hint of edge, while the 6-inch heel provides support and stability as you conquer the pole.

Takeaway — Best Pole Dancing Shoes For Beginners and Pros Alike

No matter what level you are at in your pole dancing journey, it’s important to have a great pair of shoes that not only look fabulous but also provide support and stability. As a beginner, opt for heels with a shorter heel height and a secure ankle strap to build confidence and prevent slips and falls. As an advanced poler, feel free to experiment with various heights and styles, but always prioritize comfort and stability.