7 Best Coffee Shops in Miami To Work Remote

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As a digital nomad in Miami, it’s hard not to want to shake things up sometimes by getting out of the house to work remotely. Having a plethora of coffee shops and cafes to work from is one of the perks of living in a city as fabulous as Miami, right?

For the second year in a row, Miami was ranked first among the happiest cities in the U.S in the Mindbody Wellness Index. This certainly is in part due to the active lifestyle Miamians live day to day. For remote workers, it’s also a good idea to shake things up a bit with places to work remotely in Miami — and heck, get some human interaction (#remotworkerproblems) and discover some new local spots while you’re at it.

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Some of the qualities I look for in the perfect place to perch and work away from home are as follows…

  • Lot’s of space and seating so I don’t feel guilty for hanging out too long.
  • Self serve style so I don’t feel bothersome to the staff.
  • Wifi good enough to download and upload files at a decent rate.
  • I like to support local small business, because Starbucks is just basic af.

Looking for the best places to work remote in Miami? I got you — from South Beach to Wynwood, and Miami’s coolest neighborhoods in between (Midtown, Brickell, Design District), here are some of my favorite local coffee shops in Miami to co-work remotely in style.

South Beach Coffee Shops & Cafes To Work in Miami

1. Bebitos

Bebito’s is a neighborhood staple and perfectly charming cafe for digital nomads to work remotely in Miami for the day. Nestled just outside of the Flamingo Point apartment complex in South Beach, Bebitos you will find is popular amongst lots of South Beach locals who swing by one after the other after their morning dog walks with their dogs in tow.

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The vibe: Bebitos is a beautifully designed space with stylish decor and trendy details. When you first walk into Bebitos, it appears modest in size, but take a trip up the modern staircase and you’ll discover there’s more to the space than meets the eye.

Order at the front counter and when the order is ready you’ll be called to grab your items. Each time I visit Bebitos, the staff is always friendly and don’t at all mind remote workers.

The food: When you get hungry, I highly recommend you try the fried egg croissant with brie and prosciutto. The eggs, the spices, the prosciutto, the sauces, the bursts of flavors in your mouth… it’s worth the drive to come here! Oh, and don’t forget to save room for an afternoon cafecito paired with one of Bebito’s divinely delicious pastry desserts.

✨ Full menu ✨ Outstanding food ✨ Outdoor seating ✨ Free street parking in the residential zone during certain hours

2. Grown (also in South Miami)

I discovered Grown, a fabulous cafe in Miami to work remotely, completely by chance. While working remotely at the neighboring Bebitos (both Grown and Bebitos are in the Flamingo Point apartment complex) I saw “farm to fork breakfast, inspiring lunch, and organic dinner” promised on the door, and so I walked right on in to learn more.

The vibe: As I walked in, I was super impressed with the ambiance and decor of this place. It’s a massive space with plenty of seating options to choose from. You can sit at their high-top lunch counter, at a long communal table at the center of the room, or grab one of the many amply sized tables all for yourself. They also have a beautiful outdoor seating area with lots of pretty plants and a lovely water fountain feature just in front.

I was immediately greeted by a lovely young lady named Chyna who offered lots of recommendations, assisted me with connecting to the wifi, and really went above and beyond to make sure I was happy and comfortable.

The food: If you’re working remotely from Grown for the day, their menu offers organic fast-food focusing on nutrient-dense, farm-to-fork cuisine. Grown’s extensive farm network delivers organic, local, and sustainable ingredients without harmful products like GMOs, preservatives, hormones, or processed sugar.

✨ Full menu ✨ Outdoor seating ✨ Woman-owned business ✨ Free street parking in the residential zone during certain hours

😕 Closes at 2PM 😕 Small portions

Brickell Coffee Shops & Cafes To Work

3. Pasion del Cielo (also in Coral Gables and Midtown)

Head to the top floor of Miami’s trendy Brickell City Center and you will find Pasion del Cielo. Since its opening in 2009, this Miami coffee shop has stayed true to its passion for providing guests with a completely unique coffee experience.

If you’re a coffee snob, you’ll truly enjoy this place — their beans are “from the sky!” Pasion del Cielo is known to only use single origin, arabica beans (grown 3900-4600 ft. above sea level). Additionally, Pasion del Cielo claims to never mix their beans because “you can’t improve on perfection!”

The vibe: The atmosphere of this upscale Miami coffee shop I’d describe as warm and cozy with lots of tables to work from. The bigger locations have big comfy leather couches that you can sit and perhaps read a book after you’re through reading work emails.

The food: Come to Pasion del Cielo for the coffee and the cozy atmosphere, as the food selection is limited. What Pasion del Cielo may lack in selection of bites, however, they certainly make up for in selection of sips. The specialty here is world-class coffee from many different countries across the globe. Coffee lovers who work remotely from this beloved Miami coffee shop will not be disappointed.

4. Capital One Café (also in South Beach)


Ok, this particular coffee shop cafe to work remotely is not a small local business, but can we make this one exception? Because Capital One Cafe is just one of the best cafes or coffeeshops to co-work or work remote in Miami or otherwise.

The vibe: The vibe at Capital One Cafe is perfect for remote workers. This place is part bank, part coffee shop cafe, and low-key, Capital One Cafe is part legit co-working space. Additionally, the staff at Capital One Cafes are busy helping bank patrons and don’t pay remote workers much mind — perfect!

The food: While the coffee here is not bad and they do offer snacks to eat, Capital One Cafe is a great coffee shop to work remotely in Miami, not at all for the food offerings. Capital One Cafes however are typically in bustling city areas where there are plenty of more colorful food options available.

If you decide to work remotely in Brickell’s Capital One Cafe location, for lunch I’d recommend you walk just one block across to Brickell City Center and have lunch at Casa Tua (one of my absolute favorite spots to eat in Miami).

✨ Discount for Capital One customers

Wynwood Coffee Shops & Cafes To Work

5. Panther Coffee (Also in Sunset Harbor, Little Haiti, MiMo, and Conconut Grove)


Panther Coffee has become is a Miami staple. After visiting Miami in 2008 the owners quickly realized that although there was an abundance of Cuban-style coffee shops, the specialty coffee scene was nonexistent. Another great spot for bean snobs, At Panther Coffees, each single-origin coffee we serve has been selected for taste as well as individuality and origin.

The vibe: Panther coffee has a dark hipster vibe. If you’re working remotely they have a decent number of spaces to choose from. At both the Wynwood location and the Sunset Harbor location, there is outdoor seating.

The food: Among the basic coffee shop bites are empanadas and baked goods.

✨Outdoor Seating

Midtown + Design District Coffee Shops & Cafes To Work

6. OTL

OTL is centrally located on 40th Street in the center of Miami’s posh Design District. Be inspired as you work remotely amongst Miami’s most luxurious shops that you probably can’t afford to shop (just yet). Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Dior are just some of the luxury retail shops you will find in this neighborhood.

OTL, whose name is an abbreviation for “Out to Lunch” and whose slogan is “Everyone welcome,” is the brainchild of Miami’s own David Grutman (if you’re not from these parts, he’s kind of a big deal here in Miami).

The vibe: The general vibe of this Miami neighborhood is very upscale and very expensive. This cute coffee shop, however, offers a cute oasis from the glitz, while still being right in the mix.

The food: The concise menu is divided into three categories: breakfast, sandwiches, and salads. Breakfast items include overnight oats, avocado toast, and an egg and cheese sandwich, while lunch options range from a grilled cheese sandwich to a kale salad. You order at the counter and are given a domino wood block to identify your order.

✨ Full Menu

7. Vice City Bean (Also in Brickell and Citadel Hall)


Random fact, I once saw Andrew Schulz of Brilliant idiots sitting outside this place drinking a coffee (I was entirely too shy to say hello). Vice City is kind of in a peculiar neighborhood but it’s pretty centrally located between Midtown, Design District, and Wynwood.

Vice City is another top spot in Miami amount locals, myself included. The Vice City team shares the love for genuine customer hospitality and exceptional coffees.

The vibe: The atmosphere here is casual and the space has lots of natural light. Vice City is modest in size but the barista team and steady stream of locals passing through give this space lots of life and positivity.

The food: Vice City’s food menu is that of a typical small coffee shop cafe. This local spot offers modest snacks, just enough to hold you over while co-working here for a couple of hours — think empanadas, and similar baked bites.

Runers up/Looking forward to check out

There are so many coffee shops and cafes in Miami to work remotely. And although I have yet to visit them all, you better believe I’m going to try.

I’ll continue to make my rounds visiting the best cafes and coffee shops to spend the day co-working in Miami (and I’ll be sure to update the guide accordingly). Among the coffee shops and cafes in Miami that I’ve heard great things about and look forward to visiting are as follows…

  • Groovin’ Bean, Overtown
  • Suite Habana Cafe, Wynwood
  • Joe & The Juice, South Beach
  • Sunset Juice Cafe, South Beach

Take Away — Best Coffee Shop Cafes in Miami To Work Remote

If you get to check out any of these co-work cafes in Miami, do share with us your experience. Are there any hidden gems I forgot to mention? Please share them as well in the comments down below.

If you enjoyed this article, browse around a bit and discover more cool local Miami spots. Until next time, happy laptop lifestyle.