These Baddies Win Halloween 2023! (Best Women’s Costumes)

Rapper Saweetie as Edward scissorhands fo Halloween

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Halloween 2023 has come and gone, and the girls absolutely slayed per usual. From pop divas and silver screen sirens to fantasy queens and gothic darlings, we’ve got a round-up of some of the best Halloween looks. Here are some of the best Halloween costumes for women that are sure to inspire.

Cutting Edge of Halloween Chic

Rapper Saweetie takes on Edward Scissorhands with a sharp costume that’s both edgy and elegant. Her famed acrylic nails get a Tim Burton twist, proving that even the most unusual hands can craft a look to die for.

Turn Back Time with Timeless Glamour

Christina Aguilera as Cher Halloween 2023

An iconic homage to the goddess of pop herself, Cher, as channeled by the powerhouse vocalist Christina Aguilera. This costume is a masterclass in celebrity tribute with a dash of sass and a whole lot of class. It’s bold, it’s fierce, and it’s got more star power than a sky full of supernovas.

Botanical Badassery in Full Bloom

Halsey Halloween

Clad in a costume of pure white with striking red hair that cascades like a waterfall of roses, Halsey is the perfect blend of beauty and menace. The outfit is a symphony of whispers and rustles, turning every move into a siren’s call. It’s not just a costume; it’s a natural disaster waiting to happen, with Halsey as the eye of the storm.

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Ain’t She a Vision in Vermilion

Mariah Cary as Jessica Rabbit

Mariah Carey slips into the role of Jessica Rabbit with the ease of a love song’s final note. Her glamorous waves and sultry makeup are a nod to the golden age of Hollywood, and the look in her eyes is pure Jessica—ready to serenade you with a voice that’s part velvet, part smoke.

“Simply the Best” Sass & Soul

Lizzo as Cher

This ensemble is nothing short of a standing ovation, with Lizzo bringing the house down as the incomparable Tina Turner. Lizzo encapsulates Tina’s electrifying essence with a fringed skirt that swings with every step and a top that sparkles brighter than the stage lights. It’s a look that says “What’s love got to do with it?” while making you fall in love with every detail.

Feathers and Harmony: A Songstress’ Homage

Rosalia as Bjork

Embracing the avant-garde flair of Bjork’s iconic swan dress, Rosalía takes on the ethereal and the unconventional with a transformative grace. Her interpretation is a ballet of fashion and music, where every ruffle whispers a note and each step is a lyric in motion.

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Pop Princess Perfection

Jessica Halloween as Britany Spears

Channeling the pop icon’s electric heyday, Jessica Alba steps into Britney Spears’ dancing shoes with a recreation that hits all the right notes. She captures the essence of Britney’s signature style—think crop tops, shimmering fabrics, and the confidence of a chart-topping diva.

Fairest of Them All? No, Fiercest

Demi Lovato as Snow White

Demi Lovato reimagines Snow White with a twist that’s less “someday my prince will come” and more “I am the queen of my own fairytale.” This costume is a royal flush of sex appeal and storybook charm, with a modern bodice that’s both regal and risqué.

Mile High Elegance with a Touch of Retro

With her baby pilot in tow, Paris Hilton takes off as a Pan Am flight attendant, giving us first-class service with a side of nostalgia. Paris isn’t just walking the Halloween runway; she’s jet-setting across the skies of style, with her mini co-pilot adding an adorable altitude to the look.

Raiding Tombs and Taking Names in Style

Lori Harvey as Laura Croft

Lori Harvey channels the adventurous spirit of Lara Croft with a costume that’s easy to achieve but hard to forget. She’s the embodiment of the tomb raiding icon—tough, tenacious, and ready to tackle any obstacle. In a fitted tank top and combat boots, Lori’s look is less about the relics of the past and more about the power of the present.

Riding High in Rosy Hues

Barbie Halloween Costume

Saddle up for a playful twist on nostalgia with the Pink Cowgirl Barbie look, fresh from the big screen. It’s all about the pink—a vest that pops, bell-bottoms that swing, and a white cowgirl hat that’s the cherry on top of this candy-colored confection.

Blossoming with Boldness

Meg The Stalian

Megan Thee Stallion blooms into the whimsical world of Wonderland as one of its most vibrant flowers. Her costume petals unfurl with a fierceness only she can cultivate, a floral fantasy that’s as colorful as her rap verses.

Material Girl in a Modern World

Kylie Jenner as Madonna

Kylie Jenner channels the queen of pop, Madonna, with a costume that strikes a pose and then some. It’s a blast from the past with a fresh twist, paying homage to the iconic style that never goes out of vogue.

Boop-Oop-a-Doop — with a Dash of Daring

Ice Spice reinvents the classic flapper as a tantalizing Betty Boop, bringing the sass of the 1930s into the 21st century with a costume that’s as much a flirt as it is a throwback.

Berry Sweet Charm

Heidi Klum Daughter Strawberry Shortcake

Heidi Klum’s daughter turns the page on storybook chic with a Strawberry Shortcake costume that’s as adorable as it is authentic. This look is a recipe for delight with its mix of innocence and whimsy.

Mogul Matriarch

Kris Jenner Halloween

This influencer channels the iconic Kris Jenner with a flair that’s as sharp as Kris’s famous wit. Dressed in a power suit that means business and the quintessential pixie cut wig, the look is completed with oversized sunglasses and a dash of momager finesse.

Elegantly Electrified

Jayne Velazquez transforms into The Bride of Frankenstein, marrying gothic horror with high fashion. This costume isn’t just about being noticed; it’s about being remembered.

Royal Makeover Magic

Camila Cabello steps out as the Princess Diaries’ very own, bringing the storybook transformation to life with a royal twist that says “girl-next-door turned royalty.”

Enchanted Elegance in Winter Wonderland

Alix Earl reigns as the Queen of Narnia, stepping through the wardrobe and into the Halloween spotlight with a regal costume that’s as frosty as it is fantastic.

Vampiric Vogue that Bites Back

Teanna Taylor embodies the Queen of the Damned with a costume that’s both seductive and sinister. It’s an immortal look that blends ancient allure with modern mystique, perfect for reigning over the night.


Whether you chose to step out as a vintage vixen or a modern muse, remember that Halloween is your runway and the night is an open invitation to be anything or anyone. So, when the cobwebs clear and the last piece of candy has been stealthily snatched, know that you’ve not just celebrated — you’ve made a statement. Until next year’s cauldron of couture boils over with fresh inspiration, keep your spirits wicked and your fashion daring.