An Open Letter To My Ex – Part 2

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I’m sorry.

I know I said I wasn’t in my last letter… but I am. I really really am.

I’m sorry for everything that unfolded between us. I’m sorry if this is how the story ends.

Although I can’t say I’m shocked that things panned out this way. You do after all have quite the track record exes you hate. And now, I’m just another one of them.

We were supposed to build an empire — together. Remember that?

But now I’m here building my own empire. Alone. For now at least.

That’s no empire at all as far as I’m concerned.

I wanted it to be you. I wanted everything to be you. That’s how the story was supposed to end.

We should have gone to thearapy. We should have figured it out. Because I think that what we could have had together was worth fighting for. I just know we couldve been great.

I just dont know if you saw us the same way. And that part is kinda neccacerry.

I thought I had said everything I wanted to in my last letter to the internet “an open letter to you” (because I don’t have the courage to actually send these words to you). To you who I want the most to read them. I can’t take that rejection.

And so since I’m obviously not over you, I guess I’ll make these letters a short series. And short it must be.

Because well, why not. And also because a part of me hopes these words somehow reach you.

They say what is meant to be will always find its way. Jah know, I hope these words find it’s way.

Because I love you still. I miss you still. Always have, and maybe, always will?

I know I’ll meet someone else, inevitably. Perhaps I’ll even fall in love with them. Build a different empire. Write a different story.

And ours will just be a love story with no end. Cut short by ego. By pride. By cowardness.

Only time will tell.